3 ways to save money and still enjoy summer!

It’s no secret that the festive season can leave a serious dent in your bank balance. It’s also true that Australia has some of the most expensive cities in the world. Summer being is also the most expensive season due to increased spending on entertainment. So here are some simple ways to save and still enjoy summer!


Warmer weather means getting outside and enjoying the sunshine.

The majority of Australians live near the coast, which means we’re lucky enough to live close to some of the best beaches in the world, so make the most of them. Going to the beach is free fun.

Why not try your hand at surfing, snorkelling or paddle boarding if you’re so inclined. The equipment doesn’t cost much to hire and can be easily found at the bigger beaches. Otherwise, take an umbrella, a good book, a picnic and some friends for a nice day out.

If sand and waves aren’t really your thing, or you’re landlocked, take a hike. Literally. Bush walking through this great country is an amazing experience, and again, is free exercise.

Daylight savings provides lots of time after work to enjoy the balmy nights, so rather than heading to a fancy restaurant or bar, pack a picnic and head to a park instead. There’s nothing worse than going straight home and inside after a day indoors at work.


Summer is the best time of year to be in Australia, so forget about that European winter or the Japanese snowfields and explore your own backyard.

There’s always something going on, from festivals and theatre to markets and music. If you’re based in Sydney the Sydney Festival is about to kick off and there is also Chinese New Year in February with heaps of markets and exhibitions across the country.


We couldn’t have a list about saving in summer without something on cooling systems.

One of the biggest costs in summer is air-con, so saving money here means there’s more to be spent on other, more fun things.

If you’re one of the 9.2 million Aussies with an air conditioning unit, set a timer, turn it off before you go to bed, and close doors and windows to keep cool air in.

Alternatively, use a fan to keep cool, and close blinds and curtains on those hot days to prevent excess heat coming in.

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