Three yoga poses to help you look and feel amazing!

Here are three of my favourite yoga poses that will help you stay in shape, boost your health and feel amazing!


Photographer Chris Lew/

Lizard pose


Good for: Digestion, detoxing and energy. This pose shapes the legs, accelerating detoxification and expelling all those ‘bad vibes’.

How to:  From a standing lunge position, bring the hands to prayer at chest. Inhale, lengthen the spine and lean forward, exhale, twist and hook your left elbow over your right knee. Keep pressing into your left heel and pull your right hip back. Each time you inhale lengthen the spine, each time you exhale pull the navel to spine gently and twist to help massage the internal organs. If you find it hard to balance here, drop you left knee to the ground. 5 breaths.

Reverse Warrior


Good for:  Energy & happiness. Further shaping the legs, stretching the side waist and opening up the chest so that you can breathe deeply.

How to:  From a standing lunge position, turn your left foot out 45 degrees and press down into that foot. Align your right heel with your left inner arch, flip your right palm skyward, take your left hand and slide it down the back of the left thigh. As you inhale lift the right palm up and back to extend through the right side. 5 deep breaths.

seated meditation


Good for: Calming, centering and giving generously to yourself so that you can give to others! No one wants to be around a grumpy person.

How to:  Sit anywhere – In a chair, on the floor with legs crossed and be still for 2 – 5mins. Do nothing but listen to the sound of your breath. As thoughts come up – go back to the rhythm of breath. That’s all. Practice daily.