4 chemical free ways to clean your yoga mat in 30 seconds

Natural cleaning products, how to clean your yoga mat

We like to think we’re yoga, pilates and barre enthusiasts here at Sporteluxe HQ. One thing’s for sure: our yoga mats get some regular (and sometimes sweat-drenched) loving. As anyone who loves hot yoga knows, it’s vital you clean your mat between sessions if you want to avoid having unpleasant reminders of sessions past strike you every time you roll it out. We asked two of our in-house experts for their quick-clean advice and which products work best.

Emma Seibold, founder of Barre Body says:

“Always always always wipe down your mat after a practice. I use Jo-sha wipes when I’m on the go and we use an all natural yummy home-made solution in the Barre Body studios. It literally takes you 30 seconds to do, but is so worth getting into the habit of.”
Natural cleaning products, how to clean your yoga mat
Shop →  Jo-Sha Wipes, $41.95

Jordan Thackray, founder of Finding Lotus Yoga says:

“Prevention is better than a cure so look after your feet – and hands for that matter! Give them a rinse before you get on your mat. Also, a lot of the better quality mats have different care instructions, so find out when you buy.
“While we’re on the subject of prevention and cleanliness, be kinder to Mother Earth and buy a good mat that will last. Manduka mats come with a life-time warranty, which means your mat won’t turn into landfill (for a very, very long time, at least!)”

TIP: We love the Probiotic Solutions Fresh Feet spray. Armed with probiotic bacteria that love indulging any strong-smelling stuff that might be lingering around down around the ground.
 Natural cleaning products, how to clean your yoga mat
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Our editor-in-chief Rachel stumbled upon The Everyday Spray on her weekly trip to the Fox Studio markets in Sydney and it couldn’t be more perfect for a quick spritz after class. This little chemical-free gem is just the right size to stay in your gym-bag and will keep your mat feeling as fresh as you are fabulous.

Shop → Remedy Store Everyday Spray, $20
TIP: Lululemon recommends cleaning your mat with warm, soapy water. So, if you have time after your Sunday sweat session, get those gloves out and give it a once-over to make it fresh as a daisy for the week ahead.
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