4 fashion-forward snow goggles modelled by Bianca

Snow goggles
From top to bottom Bianca wears: Anon Somerset Goggle $149.95, Oakley, Prizm A-Frame 2.0 goggle, $199.95, Oakley Prizm Flight Deck Google $229.95 and Dragon Alliance X2 Goggles in Jamie Lynn / Blue Steel $299.95

Every great ski or snowboarding outfit begins with a super cool pair of snow goggles. (We’re not the only ones who plan our outfits from the eyes down, right!?) Here are four of our favourite on-snow shades on sale this season, modelled by our Bianca at Thredbo Resort. If you’re already planning a trip to the mountains this season, you will be after these shots! Tell us on Facebook, which are your favourites?

Bianca’s favourite snow goggles for this season!


Bianca Cheah, anon goggles, ThredboBianca Cheah, Thredbo, Oakley gogglesBianca Cheah, Thredbo, Oakley gogglesBianca Cheah, Thredbo, Dragon Alliance googles