4 healthy living trends for a better body

Healthcare trends, healthy food delivery services, fitness trends

From the latest easy healthy meal options to home delivered super foods, awesome happy hour alternatives and kick-ass workouts, here are 4 healthy living trends that we’re most loving right now

Healthcare trends, healthy food delivery services, fitness trends

EAT: healthy home delivery food services

No time to cook but don’t want to resort to overpriced, greasy takeaway either? Then the hot trend for ready-made meal delivery services might would be right up your alley. Here are two examples of the many now on offer.

Dietlicious: With all dishes designed by a Michelin Star chef and made from fresh, local ingredients, Dietlicious is the perfect option for improving eating habits, without sacrificing taste.

Hexey: Hexey is 100 per cent organic, low carbohydrate, high protein and all the meal prep and cooking is done for you. Ideal if you want healthy food without scrimping on taste.

GoodnessMe Box: This isn’t a meal delivery service, but instead a ‘lucky dip’ superfood offering. Delivering up to 10 random health food goodies to your door every month, GoodnessMe allows you to get your hands on the most sought-after clean eats the world is going nuts about, and try things you perhaps wouldn’t have otherwise opted for.

Healthcare trends, healthy food delivery services, fitness trends

COOK: food subscriptions

Like a magazine subscription, The Cook’s Grocer and Hello Fresh arrive at your doorstep with the latest and greatest foods and products. Cooking impressively nutritious food has never been so easy.

The Cook’s Grocer: is exactly as it suggests! This ready-to-cook meal delivery service helps health-focused folks who are time poor by delivering nutritious recipes (in some cases created by top restaurant chefs, ) and all the ingredients you need. All of the recipes are designed to be cooked in under 30 minutes.

Hello Fresh: does all the hard work for you. They create recipes every week that are nutritious and delicious, pack your box with all the fresh ingredients that you’ll need and deliver it straight to your home.

Healthcare trends, healthy food delivery services, fitness trends

DRINK: mainstream mocktails

At the moment, the Australian bar scene is booming with mocktails, yes that’s right, cocktails sans alcohol. Incorporating fresh fruits and vegetables and pressed-in-house juices, these tipples are no longer just for children and are a healthier alternative to traditional cocktails. (No more next-day regrets!)

Sydney’s first mocktail-only bar, Lentil on the Rocks, recently opening at 391 King Street in Newtown. “Lentil on the Rocks proves that alcohol isn’t necessary to a good night out,” says manager Jesse McAuley. “We use only fresh fruit and vegetables to create new concoctions every week.”

Healthcare trends, healthy food delivery services, fitness trends

DO: ballet-inspired classes

If you haven’t tried Barre yet, then you’re missing out. Devotees swear by the ballet-inspired workouts to build a sculptured and toned physique. We’ve jumped on the bandwagon and love how it combines the flexibility of yoga, the fat burning of interval training and the lengthening principles of dance.

Try: Barre Body (Sydney & Melbourne) or Xtend Barre (Sydney, Canberra, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne and Perth)