4 natural fake tans to try!

Tanned skin

There’s nothing sexy or smart about baking yourself in the sun in pursuit of a tan. Free from chemical nasties, these fake tans will help you achieve a goddess glow the natural way, minus the sun damage.

ECO tan, natural tan

Eco Tan

Invisible Tan, $34.95

This organic tan is destined to become a cult classic! The softly scented roseflower cream is designed to keep your skin hydrated while delivering unrivalled colour.

HAUT tan


Caramel Self Tan, $63.45

Organic and vegan, this tan is perfect for both your face and body. It’s also filled with nourishing plant ingredients and designed to be super hydrating and deliver a deep tan. What’s not to love?

Tan organic


Organic Sunless Tanning Oil$42.50

Meet the latest tanning oil, which promises to moisturise while building your faux tan. Genius! With a non-greasy formula and fresh citrus scent, this is a must have for a honeyed-hue.

Modelco tan


Natural Tan Self Tan Mousse, $20.00

With no parabens, artificial preservatives, synthetic colours, fragrances and PEGs you’re not going to feel bad layering on this natural mousse. Plus, we love that it has a clear formula, so there’s no chance of it ruining your clothes or linen.