4 natural ways to beat blood pressure!

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Summer is now long gone and we’re starting to get down to the business end of the business year. Stress is inevitable, but before you get caught up in a stressful situation, try these top tips for reducing blood pressure naturally. They’ll help you get you back on course to smash those deadlines and be your best at work.

Go for a power walk

Exercise is one of the best ways to help you feel less stressed! Not only is an end of day walk is the perfect opportunity to switch off from work it will also help your heart use oxygen more efficiently so it doesn’t work as hard to pump blood. To keep challenging your ticker, try increasing your speed or distance.

Drink beetroot juice

Studies have shown that drinking a daily glass of beetroot juice will significantly lower blood pressure due to the high levels of dietary nitrate found in beetroot juice. We love Beet It Beetroot Juice because it’s made from organic beetroot concentrate and lemon juice, nothing else!

Eat dark chocolate

You’ve gotta love an excuse to eat more chocolate! One humble square of quality dark chocolate per day is ideal to help reduce blood pressure. Studies have shown it increases levels of nitric oxide, a naturally occurring chemical in our bodies which works to improve the elasticity of blood vessels. We’re currently obsessed with Pana Chocolate that has just opened a cafe in Sydney’s Alexandria!

Drink hibiscus tea

One, two, tea! We’re always sipping on tea here at Sporteluxe HQ and we think hibiscus tea is one to add to the shopping list! Research has indicated that hibiscus tea opens the arteries and appears to slow the release of hormones that constrict the blood vessels. Try T2 Just Hibiscus to help you on your way to stress less this year!

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