4 prenatal yoga moves for expecting mums

Bianca Cheah, pregnancy yoga poses

So you’re expecting a baby and life will soon be all the more amazing and meaningful for it. Congratulations!

The last thing you need when you’re expecting is to be stressed about what your body will look like post-baby, but it is encouraging to know there’s plenty you can do while you’re pregnant that will allow you to work your way back to physical strength and the shape you want once your tiny bundle (or bundles) has/have arrived.

“After we give birth, the body undergoes a process called involution in which the uterus contracts to its original size,” says Desiree Bartlett a prenatal yoga teacher at Exhale Sacred Movement in Venice, California, in an article of Yoga Journal.

“Once the uterus has returned to its pre-pregnancy size, the core muscles are often left overstretched. If we can keep those muscles active during pregnancy, we regain the strength and tone in the muscles faster.”

Here are 4 prenatal yoga poses to keep your body firm

If you’re already a mum, you’ll know that practicing your normal yoga with a baby in your belly is not an easy task. Your aching hips and back are the two prime areas that feel the brunt of being pregnant. Ouch! But with the proper prenatal exercises that a qualified instructor has given you, staying toned while pregnant is absolutely possible.

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Because being pregnant is all about your pelvis and abdomen and supporting one another, the below sequence will help to strengthen these areas so you’re comfortable in your post baby body sooner than later. Incorporate these poses into your regular practice at least 3 to 5 times a week to strengthen your belly throughout your pregnancy.

“This sequence allows all of the core muscles to work in a way that will increase strength while keeping your beautiful baby safe in his or her home.” says Bartlett. But as always, consult your doctor before adding in anything new to your yoga practice as everyone, and their baby, is different.

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Pose 1: Cat Cow

Bianca Cheah, Cat Cow Bianca Cheah, Cat Cow
Pose 2: Opposite Arm and Leg Extension

Bianca Cheah, plank Bianca Cheah, plank

Pose 3: Side Plank

Bianca Cheah, side plank Bianca Cheah, side plank

Pose 4: Full or Modified Plank

Bianca Cheah, high plank Bianca Cheah, Low Plank