4 super-effective ways to banish skin pigmentation

They say a leopard can’t change its spots, but trust us, there are plenty of clever ways you can fade yours! If you’d rather be free of your freckles or age spots, here are four pigmentation-busting treatments and products that really work. You’re welcome!

4 super-effective ways to banish skin pigmentation

1. The salon-grade ‘at-home’ resurfacing peel

Product: Ella Bache Resurfacing Peel

Peels are fantastic for rejuvenating and resurfacing skin, but this beautiful new at-home Resurfacing Peel product by Australian brand Ella Baché is great for treating hyper pigmentation too, along with fine lines and wrinkles, open pores and dryness. It’s an intensive mixture of natural AHA ingredients (malic-lactic-citric acids derived from apple, cane sugar and citrus fruits fermentation), along with antioxidant green tea, organic apple vinegar to purify and refine skin texture, and calming ingredients so your complexion isn’t irritated or inflamed at all afterwards. (Sporteluxe tested it in the 35-minute Extreme Regeneration & Resurfacing Treatment, $90.00, at the Ella Baché salon in David Jones store in Sydney’s city centre, and walked out with a freshly glowing complexion that wasn’t red at all.) It hydrates and boosts skin too with anti-inflammatories and antioxidants. Try the peel at home once a week for a month and you’ll see results!

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Shop → Ella Baché Resurfacing Peel, $89.00


2. The gentle, nature-based option

Product: The Jojoba Company Natural Pigmentation Oil

We love this brand’s delicious chemical-free anti-aging products, particularly this 99.99% natural oil that’s enriched with vitamins and active ingredients that specifically target pigmentation like age spots, freckles and even redness. The hero active ingredient here is Rumen Extract, which is extracted from northern Canadian Prairies and acts on one of the main enzymes involved in pigment build up. Clinical tests show lightens skin and reduces redness after just three weeks. Age spots were shown to fade 25 per cent in double that time. So while it’s not instant solution, it’s gentle and most definitely works.

skin care, pigmentation

Shop → The Jojoba Company Natural Pigmentation Oil, $39.95


3. The high tech super solution

Product: GentleLase Pro at Laser Clinics Australia

The idea of using lasers to improve skin clarity and quality is nothing new, but new machines that are super-gentle but still incredibly effective is definitely something worth shouting about. We’ve tried the GentleLase Pro treatment with Jaclyn Bailey at the Drummoyne arm of Laser Clinics Australia and the results are dramatic and fantastic. This state-of-the-art machine pulses laser light that’s attracted to and absorbed by the melanin (pigment) without harming the skin around it. Your freckles or age spots then go super dark for a few days, until the pigmentation is drawn to the skin’s surface, where it eventually flakes off leaving a spot-free complexion. It’s not completely pain-free, but just feels like a rubber band pinging lightly on the skin. It’s perfect for the face, as well as sun damaged décolletage, arms, shoulders, hands and even back. Just make sure you use Factor 50 sunscreen on those areas afterwards to stop the spots returning!

TIP: Skinstitut Laser Aid, $45.00, is the perfect post-laser cream or moisturiser. It cools the skin, eases the sunburn-like sting, and is ideal for healing water, sun or oil burns too. We love all of the ‘brightening solutions’ products in the Skinstitut range. The L-Lactic Cleanser, $45.00, is the perfect hydrating, refining and nourishing cleanser.


4. The vitamin C super booster

Product: Paula’s Choice Resist C15 Super Booster

Another of our favourite affordable, high-tech, fragrance- and colour-free skincare brands, Paula’s Choice, now has a fantastic super booster you add to your regular moisturiser, which is particularly good for fading brown spots! Just a few drops of this liquid, which is a blend of stabilised vitamin C (a very potent antioxidant skin booster) and vitamin E, has been proven to stimulate collagen production (hello firmer, younger-looking skin) and repair sun damage, which as we all know is the culprit for pigmentation. It even helps protect your skin from future damage.

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Shop → Paula’s Choice Resist C15 Super Booster, $55.00
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