5 Calorie-Torching Dance Workouts That Don’t Even Feel Like Exercise

Why do you think Beyonce has such a good booty?

Tracy Anderson Dance Workout
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In the world of fitness, there is a recurring question that comes up time and time again: what type of exercise is the most effective? People debate whether it’s better to do strength training or cardio. Should we workout for 30-minutes twice a day or 60-minutes once? Is it more effective to do high intensity intervals or low intensity steady state training? Whoever you speak to will tell you something different and you can find a research paper on just about anything.

But after all my time in the industry, I’ve come to realise the answer. The best type of exercise is the one that doesn’t feel like exercise at all. It’s those weekend strolls gossiping with girlfriends and all those times spent running for the bus. That accidental exercise that really gets your heart rate up without you even knowing. And when it comes to this kind of workout, nothing quite compares to a Saturday night on the dance floor.

Dancing is a serious sweat sesh … and it’s seriously fun too. You only have to take one look at the body of Tracy Anderson and the smile of The Fitness Marshall to know that. So, to give you a workout you’ll actually enjoy, we’ve rounded up five of our favourite dance routines that burn serious calories. Whether you have five minutes or twenty-five minutes, these are sure to get you sweating and smiling at the same time.

13 Minutes With The Fitness Marshall

You’ve probably seen this dance video before. It went viral on Youtube less than a year ago. Why? Because it’s all about female empowerment and it only takes three minutes (or less) to know why—bust out a few moves you’ll literally feel more body confident.

25 Minutes With Tracy Anderson

Sometimes it feels like Tracy Anderson invented dance cardio. We love this quick, easy 5-minute routine where she breaks it down in her studio, solo. Try to follow along and don’t be concerned if you’re not as rhythmic as she is—she’s the dancing queen.

38 Minutes With Danielle Peazer

Ever tried to learn the single ladies dance and epically failed? Then this one is for you. It requires little coordination and is extremely easy to follow. Expect to get sweaty quickly with this eight minute workout.

425 Minutes With Body By Simone

Apparently Victoria Secret models use this workout by Body By Simone to get toned. It’s sweaty but sexy and if it’s good enough for Gigi, that’s good enough for us.

530 Minutes With Jennifer Johnson

If you’ve got 30-minutes, spend it with Jennifer Johnson, creator of JJ Dancer. She’s got some serious moves. This routine was designed to work the butt so you can look like J’Lo and shake it like her too.

Want to work out with The Fitness Marshall IRL? Good news—he’s doing an international dance concert tour in collaboration with the iconic brand, Cotton On. From May 18 – 31, the BODY x Fitness Marshall collaboration will travel the world, delivering outrageously energetic (and sweaty), free public shows in South Africa, Singapore, New Zealand and in Australia; Sydney (19th), Melbourne (20th), Brisbane (25th) and Cotton On BODY’s hometown Geelong. Registrations open May 8, get your tickets here before they sell out!

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