4 coconut sunscreens that smell amazing

Summer time means sunscreen time. And there’s nothing better than smelling as fresh as a coconut at the same time. We’ve put together some of our favourite coconut sunscreens to keep you sun safe and tropical scented for the rest of the summer!

Eco Tan sunscreen, coconut sunscreen


Shop → 30+ Untinted Natural Coconut Sunscreen, 150mL, $29.95

Perfect for face and body, this natural, broad spectrum sunscreen has no hidden nasties. It’s also non-greasy, three hours water resistant and is said to have anti-aging properties. What more could you want?  

SUNSCREEN True Natural

True Natural

Shop → 30+ Caribbean Coconut Sunscreen, $25.51

Vegan, 100% mineral based and biodegradable, this sunscreen is created from the natural goodness of aromatic coconut oil.

 Le Tan sunscreen, coconut sunscreen


Shop → Coconut 30+ Spray Sunscreen, 250mL, $16.99

Great to pass around on your favourite beach, this easy-to-spray sunscreen will fall gently on your body. Ready to be rubbed in and leave you smelling great!

 reef sunscreen, coconut sunscreen


Shop → Dry Touch 30+ Sunscreen, $10.99

Smooth and designed to be non-greasy and lightweight on the skin, this dry touch sunscreen features Reef’s signature coconut fragrance! The SPF30+ will protect your skin against UVA and UVB rays and the dry formula also ensures it won’t leave you sticky at the beach.

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