5 diet tips for kickstarting your metabolism

Metabolism boosters, kick start your metabolism, nutrition

What you eat can have a dramatic impact on metabolic processes throughout the body (things like digestion, energy and fat burning), so it makes perfect sense that knowing a few key things about smart nutrition (mixed with exercise) is the key to kickstarting your metabolism and keeping it racing. Here are 5 internal furnace-firing tips

How to kickstart your metabolism


Metabolism boosters, kick start your metabolism, nutrition

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  1. Eat a smart breakfast

Your mum was right: breakfast should be the most substantial and nourishing meal of the day. Its metabolism-boosting benefits stimulate energy production and can assist with cognitive function. A nutritious breakfast should always consist of a protein, carbohydrate and a healthy fat component. Avoiding processed and packaged cereals will also promote a long, so release of lasting energy. (So no bagels, tempting muffins or croissants, sorry.)

Metabolism boosters, kick start your metabolism, nutrition 

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  1. Eat more often

Aim to leave no longer than four hours in between meals and snacks. When the body goes for a long period of time without fuel, it can slip into starvation mode, causing the metabolism to slow down dramatically. Nutrient dense snacks including fruit and nuts can stop this happening. Adding healthy  fats into your diet (nuts, seeds, avocado etc) can also help curb hunger and offset the desire to snack on sweet foods and confectionary.

Metabolism boosters, kick start your metabolism, nutrition

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  1. Eat protein after exercise 

It’s no secret that physical activity is crucial when it comes to kickstarting metabolism and different varieties (weight-bearing and strength training) can leave it roaring for up to 24 hours. Incorporating movement into your day also invigorates your mind and provides fresh oxygen and blood flow to the body, which stimulates energy production (and who wouldn’t like a little more energy in their day?). Eating a nutrient-dense, protein-rich snack at least 30-45 minutes after exercise can also help keep your metabolism elevated.

 Metabolism boosters, kick start your metabolism, nutrition

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  1. Spice up your morning

Adding spices including cayenne pepper and cinnamon to food has been associated with boosting the metabolism. Try adding a pinch of cayenne pepper to hot water and just a little lemon in the mornings or adding cinnamon to your porridge or smoothies to fire up your body.

Metabolism boosters, kick start your metabolism, nutrition  

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  1. Love your liver long time

The liver is a powerhouse organ when it comes to metabolising food and nutrients. Make sure your liver is treated with the love it deserves, through cleansing foods like fresh fruit and vegetables, can assist its function and help raise metabolic processes. Kale, lemon and antioxidant-rich foods are all rich sources of liver friendly compounds.