7 essentials for taming knotty hair

These must-have products will help you combat tangles.

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Anyone who knows me well knows that my knotty hair is the bane of my existence. Kid you not, I’ve had a huge tangle in the exact same spot since I was about five years old. I brush it out thoroughly every single night, but I can always count on it to return with a vengeance the next morning. I have the type of fine, wavy hair that if left unattended for more than one day, would transform into full-blown dreadlocks.

Everyone from my mum, to my bestie, to my boyfriend has had the honour of helping me comb out the persistent knot. You see, it’s right at the nape of my neck, making it tricky for my short arms to reach! But when I can’t coerce my loved ones into playing hairdresser for me, I have to rely on my arsenal of products.

I’ve tried pretty much every detangling product on the market, including the ones that are meant to be for kids! But only a select few have managed to help me tame the disobedient mop that is my hair.

1KeraCare Hydrating Detangling Shampoo











Ridding your hair of knots starts with your shampoo and this one is the best  of the best. It cleans and cleanses your hair like a normal shampoo, while also laying down the groundwork to make your hair easier to detangle. It also contains natural botanical extracts that repair hair damage and remove excess oil from the scalp without making it dry. Talk about a hard-working shampoo!

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2Paul Mitchell The Detangler Conditioner











The name of this product says it all. This conditioner turns your hair from coarse and knotty to smooth and soft within minutes. It contains grape seed oil, which seems to be a magical ingredient for getting out knots! The best part is, you can either wash it out or leave it in, depending on how much time you have.

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3The Tangle Teezer











I’m sure you’ve heard it before, but the tangle teezer really is the holy grail of detangling hairbrushes. The disk-shaped brush fits perfectly into your palm, giving you plenty of control as you comb through your locks. Its pliable plastic bristles are super efficient at detangling knots, but are still gentle enough to glide through your hair without snapping it. Bonus points for its fun, bright colour combos and the fact that it can be used on both dry and wet hair.

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4Schwarzkopf Extra Care Oil Nutritive Mask











While its not technically a detangling product, this hair treatment works wonders on unfurling knots. I like to use in the shower with the tangle teezer. After washing my hair, I scoop a dollop of it onto the knotty section. Then, I let it sit for a minute, before using the brush to work through the tangles. The knots come out so easily and the treatment leaves my hair smooth and shiny.

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5The Goodnight Co Silk Pillowcase











There’s no point putting in the hard yards to detangle your hair if it’s just going to get messed up when you sleep! Normal cotton pillowcases tend to create friction with your hair, which can lead to knots. That’s where this silk pillowcase comes in. It allows your hair to slide easily when you toss and turn, meaning it will still feel smooth by morning. They also feel extremely luxurious and are great for your skin.

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6Twistband Solid Hair Ties











Normal elastic bands (the type with the metal bit) tug on your hair, which can make knots even worse. These thick bands made out of elastic trim are the perfect solution. They’re extremely gentle and slide on and off your ponytail without leaving you with unsightly kinks. They’re also bigger than normal hair ties, so you’re (slightly) less likely to lose them!

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7Milk & Co Baby Fairy Detangler











Yes, this product is for babies. But I’m not ashamed to admit that this nifty little spray is my secret weapon when all else fails. Not only does it help you brush knots out fast, it also prevents your hair from becoming tangled again after you use it. Some detangling sprays are filled with nasty ingredients, but I love the fact that this one is completely natural. It also makes my hair look nice and glossy, which is an added bonus!

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