5 Face Masks That Erase Summer Sun Damage

Nat Darcas For Rhythm Swimwear, Face Masks for Sun Damage
Image: Nat Darcas via @rhythmswimwear

Summer officially ended in the Northern hemisphere on August 22nd, but if we’re being honest, we’re trying to soak up as much beach time as possible.

With all of the surf days, pool parties, and time spent hiking in the sun over the past few months, you’ve probably accumulated quite the tan … and quite a bit of skin damage. Depending on your skin type, the results of too much skin exposure can vary greatly.

For some, freckles, dark spots, light wrinkles, and even hard-to-fade melasma crop up after too much time spent in the sun. According to Dr. Moy, the dermatologist behind the skincare brand DNA Renewal, there are three types of skin damage to watch for.

  • For age spots: “Age spots are usually more elevated and called seborrheic keratosis,” says Dr. Moy. “They need to be scraped off by a doctor since they are thicker lesions.”
  • For sun spots: Sun spots are flatter and called lentigos. “[They] are usually thinner and can go away with lasers or topical treatments,” says Moy.
  • For melasma: “Melasma is flat areas of darker pigmentation usually on the cheeks that is caused by sunlight and hormones. The melasma can be treated with lasers and bleaching creams.”

Once you’ve got damage, give it a one-two punch of treatment to get clearer skin. Use an acid-based glycolic face wash and retinol-based treatment at night (and SPF every morning!). In addition to your regular skin perfecting ritual, use a mask at least once a week that’s a little stronger than your average daily treatment.

Keep on scrolling for some of our very favorites that run the gamut from 100 percent organic (Hi, True Botanicals!) to, well, a little more conventional. Pick your poison!