4 gym proof makeups you’ll want in your beauty bag

Bianca Cheah
4 gym proof makeups you'll want in your beauty bag

Being active is very much a lifestyle these days. All we ever talk about and see are our pictures of women doing Yoga, boxing, running, TRX you name it, we’re all dabbling in something to keep the blood flowing. But what women don’t ever want to talk about are their gym faces. It’s a given, most women want to be perceived as having glowing and fresh blemish-free skin from the moment they walk into that studio to when they exit. But, as general rule in beauty health, you should never wear makeup when exercising as you run the risk of blemishes forming let alone your sweaty mascara stinging your eyes. But for the women who just aren’t confident in their own skin be it from acne scars, pigmentation, blemishes etc, try limiting yourself to just a foundation, mascara and blush. These three makeup products are all you need to look fresh and will do the trick for you.

So forget about long white streaks of patchy skin and orange marks on your yoga mat, we have rounded up our top gym proof makeups that will keep you looking fresh as a daisy from start to finish.

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The Gym Proof Mascara

Shop → Loreal Lash Architect 4D False Lashes Waterproof Mascara 9 ml

For the ultimate false lash look, you can still break a sweat without seeing your mascara drip down your cheeks. 


The Gym Proof Foundation

Shop → Rimmel Radiance BB Cream, $12.95

With radiant coverage, the BB cream primes, smoothes, conceals and helps to minimise pores whilst providing hydration for 24 hours and will keep you fresh as a petal all class long.


The Gym Proof Blush and lip colour

Shop → Savvy Cheek & Lip Colour $8.99

A delicate multi-purpose finish cream that is ideal for use on both cheeks and lips. This blush won’t weigh your makeup down whilst giving your complexion and lips a healthy natural glow.

Savvy cheek colour

The Gym Proof Makeup Wipes

Shop → Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes, Night Calming 25 pack $7.99

These alcohol free cleansing towelettes will remove all traces of makeup in one easy step whilst providing a unique calming fragrance that will help you to unwind for a relaxing night sleep.

Neutrogena makeup wipes


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