5 habits of body positive people 

Want to know why staying fit, happy and healthy is easier for some of us than others? Why some people infrequently have ‘fat days’ and others complain of being sluggish, tired and slow every other?

Here’s the thing – It’s all in the mind. Literally. And when we can tweak the mind, we start making body positive choices.

Getting up at 5.30am takes discipline, passion and a deep burning desire to feel good.

Choosing the chicken salad wrap with hummus over fries with extra tomato sauce takes will power and a longing to feel crystal clear and ready to ‘go’ every day – a willingness to be at the top of your game – whether your game is motherhood, finance, fitness or fashion.

Here are five habits of body positive people:

  1. Acceptance. Here’s the truth: body positive people don’t have ‘amazing’ days everyday. But the difference between them and a body negative person is that they accept the days that they’re not so ‘on’ and see them as an opportunity to chill out, take rest or do the things on their to do list that don’t require as much mental capacity or physical strength. They know that tomorrow is another day and what’s being presented today is an opportunity to listen to the body. Perhaps you’re tired because you went to bed late or ate too many sugary treats the day before. The body is intelligent and body positive people honour and respect that.

Kate Kendall

  1. Ritual. They’re disciplined to make rituals a daily practice. I always say that ‘ritual is deep, deep reverence for self.’ When we respect ourselves enough to wake up that extra 20minutes to meditate or get outside and train, we’re sending a message to our neurology that we care about ourselves enough to respect and look after it. Daily rituals of body positive people are things like consuming two litres of water a day; twenty minutes of meditation; twenty minutes of sun salutes; pulling a positive affirmation card first thing in the morning; telling a friend that they’re appreciated. What are yours?
  1. KATE KENDALLFeeling Good is the Goal. They make ‘feeling good’ the ultimate goal each day and allow this intention to ‘drive’ them and all of their choices. Everything from what they eat, the things that they say, what they wear and who they spend their time with. It always comes back to feeling good.
  1. Contribution. Not only do body positive people self-motivate but they also motivate others to feel good, change up their body page perspective, train and make time for self-care. Looking after yourself is one thing but when we can help others feel good it’s hugely rewarding and fulfilling.
  1. Self-Love. Hands down this is the most common value or trait of a body positive person. They know they deserve to feel good, they respect themselves and others and they treat themselves kindly. This includes all of the traits above as well as telling themselves loving and kind thoughts. Positivity begins in the mind. What we feed, grows.

What are you thinking right now and how is that affecting your self acceptance, love and the energy you’re putting out there?

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