5 hair bloggers share their Holy Grail products

If Goldilocks taught us one thing, it’s that what’s perfect for one person may not be perfect for another. And while shampoo trialling didn’t quite make the beloved fable, if her name is anything to go by, we can be sure Goldilocks had her am hair routine “just right”.

So whether your hair is long and blonde like our favourite fairytale gal, fiery red, frizzy or straight, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to hair management. To keep your locks strong and healthy, it’s important to find out what’s right for you, so we turned to some of our favourite natural hair bloggers for some advice.

5 hair bloggers share their Holy Grail products

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Kate Herisson – The Style Press Co.

Can you describe your hair type?

“Fine, soft hair, without much texture – a friend once described it as feeling like dust!”

What are your key hair challenges?   

“My hair can be quite limp and lifeless when really I wish it was voluminous and cascading down my back, which is also a challenge seeing as I have a bob.”

How do you beat them? 

“Backcombing, hairspray and dry shampoo are my posse. Often it takes a few rounds of backcombing with a teasing comb, spritzing the tease at the roots in between, before it actually holds the style but perseverance is the key. If I’m having a particularly bad hair day, I reach for the volumising powder, but I hate the chalky feel so I don’t use it often as it also means that without question I will need to wash my hair that night and I just don’t like those kinds of commitments.”

Which products do you use?  

“Having fine and colour-treated hair means it’s prone to breakage so I use Invati Thickening Conditioner which strengthens the hairs as well as gives it some elasticity to protect it from snapping.”

“Before blow drying I use Aveda Phomollient styling foam for lift , Bumble & Bumble Surf Infusion sea salt spray for texture and Moroccan Oil Light – it nourishes and smooths hair but surprisingly doesn’t weigh it down.”

“After blow drying I use Toni & Guy Cleanse dry shampoo, Scunci Finishing Backcombing brush and John Frieda Crystal Clear Sheer Blonde hairspray.

 What is your best fabulous hair tip? 

Tip: “Dry shampoo is a godsend for me for two reasons (1) my hair actually works better the longer I leave it between washes, so it keeps it looking fresh and (2) when my tresses are freshly washed, it gives it some texture. Styles hold more easily because my hair finally has some gumption. I’ve also stopped over-straightening my hair. I use a ghd to lightly remove any kinks at the end of my hair while retaining as my texture and body as I can and tame the tiny frizzy bits around my face but I never touch the roots, it flattens any height I’ve built with the blow dryer.”

  Michelle Crossan

Michelle Crossan – Beauty.Life.Michelle (via Max Connectors)

Hair type: “My hair is naturally wavy and quite dry at the ends​.”

Key challenges: ​”Frizz! Hot weather hates my hair.​”

Solutions: “Finding a good quality shampoo and conditioner that is designed to fight frizz is a great investment. I’m also a bit obsessed with​ hair oils for keeping my hair sleek and shiny.”

Favourite products: ​”Tresemme is one of my favourite brands​ right now. They have so many great products! I love their Heat Tamer protective spray and I have also been loving both the Perfectly Undone range and the Keratin Smooth range from them.”

Tip: “I make sure to use a hair mask twice a week to keep my locks looking super shiny and smooth.”

Rachael Brook

Rachael Brook (via Max Connectors)

Hair type: “Very soft and fine, but a decent amount of it, and it has a natural wave.”

Key challenges: “My biggest challenge is making my hair look thicker and fuller while also getting my styles to hold.”

Solutions: “Once I’ve towel dried my hair after a wash, I add a thickening spray from root to tip and a sea salt spray through the mid lengths and ends. Then I blow dry my hair upside down to get maximum volume.”

Favourite Products: “Bumble & Bumble Thickening hairspray and Surf spray.”

Tip: “Blow drying your hair upside down gives you serious volume. While your hair is still flipped over, blast it with cool air and finish with hairspray to help the volume to really last.”

Hair blogger hair romance

Christina Butcher – Hair Romance

Hair type: “I have a lot of hair! My hair was straight but now it is quite curly. It’s naturally dry (as curly hair usually is) and I’m not exactly sure what my natural colour is…”

Key challenges: “With so much hair, it’s not that quick to wash and style. Time and the weather are my biggest hair challenges.”

Solutions: “Braiding is my secret weapon. Braids are often better in dirty hair and protect my hair from the wind and weather. When I’m wearing my curls down, I have a great curly hair routine for frizz free curls.”

Favourite products: “I have a collection of hair treatments because I do a mask at least once a week. My hair goes through a lot so it needs a treat. For styling, I can’t live without Evo Liquid Rollers curl balm and Schwarzkopf volume styling powder.”

 Tip: “Learn to love your hair. When you stop fighting your natural hair, you can learn how to style your hair better. Once you know a few easy styles for your hair, you’ll never have a bad hair day again. This, and dry shampoo can fix almost any hair disaster”

Lauren Curtis

Lauren Curtis – Love, Loz (via Max Connectors)

Hair type: “It’s quite fine but I have lots of it! It’s very durable and remains healthy despite being blonde.”

Key challenges: At the moment my main challenge is growing it – I was unwillingly given layers and I’m trying to grow them out so my hair doesn’t look so ratty on the ends.”

Solutions: “Using Olaplex to strengthen the hair, regular small trims to make the ends more blunt and appear thicker, and not straightening it too much.”

Favourite Products: “Olaplex, Tigi Dumb Blonde shampoo and conditioner, ghd tools.”

Tip: “Use a tangle teaser when brushing your hair! Especially when it’s wet. They reduce hair breakage, leaving you with thicker and longer locks!”

DID YOU KNOW? Lauren is currently Australia’s no. 1 beauty vlogger, with over 3 million global subscribers to her YouTube channel, and is part of the MaxConnectors agency group.

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