5 Japanese beauty secrets for better skin

Japanese beauty secrets, japanese beauty products

Innovation and newness are biggies with the beauty-obsessed Japanese consumer. In Japan, women are willing to try almost anything to combat the signs of ageing, which means they’re often first to spot an incredible breakthrough before it catches on worldwide.

On that note, we’ve put together this round up of the best tips and product tricks from Japan to leave your complexion as glowing as a geisha’s.

Ancient Japanese Beauty Secrets

TIP 1: Protect yourself from sun damage above anything else

Compared to countries like Australia and the US, where women tend to take a more restorative approach to aging, Japanese women are more focused on preventing the damage before it happens (smart!). It’s not uncommon to see women wearing long arm covers under T-shirts on even the hottest days. In Japan, the emphasis is on achieving a pore-less, creamy complexion, so sun protection is key.

Japanese beauty secrets, japanese beauty products

We love: To Save Face by Mecca Cosmetica, $38

Lightweight, non-greasy and ultra hydrating to provide optimum SPF protection.

TIP 2: Most of the magic happens while you sleep

Japanese women take more of a ritualistic approach to skincare and spend more time on average each day than western women to care for their complexion with daily exfoliation, masks and sun protection. They’ve also cottoned on to the fact that, since most restorative magic happens with our skin while we sleep, a quality night cream is key.

Japanese beauty secrets, japanese beauty products

We love: Shu Uemura Phyto Black Night Cream, $180

This renewing, firming night cream works by stimulating skin renewal and restoring your complexion whilst you sleep, working through the night to hydrate, soften and smooth skin.

TIP 3: Add Yomogi tea to your evening routine

Yomogi-cha is a herbal blend that works to condition the skin from the inside out, and is said to reduce blemishes, age spots and sun damage. Yomogi is the Japanese ‘wonder herb’ and when made into a refreshing tea, restores and brightens the skin from the inside out.

Japanese beauty secrets, japanese beauty products

Shop: Yomogi-cha tea, $30.98

TIP 4: Embrace the antioxidant power of roses

Rose water is refreshing, softening, brightening and toning – and as an added bonus, smells amazing as well. It acts as an anti-oxidant booster and assists in collagen production too. Store it in your fridge to heighten the soothing effect.

Japanese beauty secrets, japanese beauty products
We love: Balancing Rose Mist By Kora Organics, $39.95

This key product in Miranda Kerr’s beauty range also includes added organic noni and aloe.

Tip 5: Always cleanse twice if you want pure skin

Proponents preach that you simply must cleanse the face once to remove makeup and a second time to truly purify and cleanse the skin, and they’re right. Japanese women are fastidious with cleansing and have long embraced double cleansing. It then means your day and night creams are better absorbed too.

Japanese beauty secrets, japanese beauty products
We love: Shiseido Extra Rich Cleansing Foam, $55

This foam works to remove skins impurities whilst retaining the skins essential moisture, leaving your skin soft, supple and smooth.


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