5 London-based food bloggers worth following today

The warm weather has just started to brighten up London and the city’s blossoming health and wellness revolution is in full swing. Yoga classes are packed, outdoor boot camps are kicking off, green smoothies are replacing cocktails and raw food cafes are all the rage.

Healthy living is as much on-trend here as anywhere, and much of this movement can be attributed to a group of influential and super stylish female food bloggers who have gathered thousands of loyal followers across their various social media platforms.

From sweet potato brownies to beetroot crepes and bone broth soup, these glowing ladies are introducing England to a whole new way of eating and living well. Here are five of our favourite London-based wellness afficionados:

1. Natasha Corrett

Natasha Corrett is a self taught vegetarian chef who has created a business empire and a nationwide food delivery service, Honestly Healthy, based on alkaline eating. Her fans, including Victoria Beckham, Mel C and Lilly Allen, are drawn to her nourishing gluten free, healthy versions of typically unhealthy dishes including wild mushroom risotto, ice cream and cheesecake. Natasha is the author of three best selling books and an online magazine.

Website: www.honestlyhealthyfood.com

Honestly Healthy, FOOD BLOGGER, Natasha Corrett

2. Madeline Shaw

Armed with a bright smile, glowing skin and glossy blonde locks, foodie and yoga instructor Madeline Shaw is living testament to her own healthy living and wellness philosophy. Her vision is to enliven the “hottest, healthiest and happiest” version of her followers through food, fitness and a positive outlook on life. Madeline’s approach to wellness was inspired by her time living in Sydney where she worked in an organic café and came to understand the healing power of food.

Website: www.madeleineshaw.com

Madeleine Shaw

3. Hemsley & Hemsley

Authors of The Art of Eating Well, Jasmine and Melissa Helmsley are sisters who create colourful full-fat dishes free from grain, gluten and refined sugar. These fashionable food lovers cook and consult for high-profile events around the world and are regularly featured as contributors in Vogue. Nutrient dense bone broth soup, lamb stews and coconut roasted sprouts are some of their signature dishes.

Website: www.hemsleyandhemsley.com

Chicken soup recipe

4. Deliciously Ella

After being diagnosed with a rare medical condition, university student Ella Woodward decided to transform her approach to food and health and document it all on her blog Deliciously Ella. Three years later her website, on which she posts vegan recipes and healthy lifestyle tips, gets 2.5 million hits a month. So what makes Ella’s food style so popular? Her vegan recipes are inventive yet simple making healthy eating feel incredibly easy, creative and fun. Sweet potato brownies, healthy Nutella and pecan pie are some of her most popular sweet treats.

Website: www.deliciouslyella.com

Ella Woodward, deliciously Ella, Top food bloggers

Julie Montagu aka The Flexie Foodie is a yoga instructor and plant-based diet advocate. Her recently-released book Superfoods showcases 90 energising vegetarian recipes including coconut kale salad, quinoa muffins and matcha oat truffles. In addition to blogging, she runs classes, workshops and retreats to promote her wellness philosophy around the UK and Europe. She also happens to be an actual ‘Lady’ as the wife of a future Earl and is the star of reality series Ladies of London.

Website: www.juliemontagu.com

Julie Montague