5 minutes with Nike trainer Stef de Castro!

Steph De Castro, Nike Master Trainer
5 minutes with Nike trainer Stef de Castro!

With the countdown to N+TC Tour Sydney on we chatted to Nike trainer, Pilates instructor and dance teacher Stef de Castro and asked her to share some fitness secrets.

My favorite thing about exercising is?

The feeling you get afterwards! You just feel happy, refreshed and energised.

How do you boost your motivation?

To get inspired or boost my motivation I just think of a goal that I would really like to achieve. Then I just take little steps toward that goal and just build on that. So I might start out with a smaller workout and day by day increase what I can do.

What’s the ultimate ad break workout?

I just love planks! I think planks are the best exercise. You can do them anywhere, you don’t need much space and they’re definitely a really good overall total body exercise to can do. It’s not hard to set yourself up into a plank!

What is the biggest mistake girls make when it comes to training?

A lot of girls are scared to do weight training. They think they are going to bulk up but you’re not going to. Men bulk up, they have more testosterone than females. Resistance training is really important to get that toned, sculpted physique that you want.

What is your favorite piece from the current Nike collection?

My favorite piece is the Nike Zoom Fit Agility shoes. I think they are great. So bouncy and so great for working out and doing all sorts of activities in the Nike+ Training Club.

N+TC Tour Sydney
When: 2 May 2015, 1pm-9.30pm
Where: Carriageworks, 245 Wilson Street, Everleigh
Cost: General admission: $80
Shoe package: $180
Website: Click here to register