Words by Melanie Katz. 

We’ve combined forces with Fernwood Fitness to bring you Lift the Nation – a campaign to inspire women to start lifting weights.

The team from Fernwood Fitness have shared the ultimate workout, with just 5 moves to target every muscle in your body.

5 of the best strength exercises

1Push-ups x 10

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From your core to your chest, back and legs, the humble push-up remains one of the most effective strength builders. Start on your knees first before building up to your toes and be sure to drop that chest nice and low.

2Deadlift to overhead press x 10

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By pairing the deadlift and standing overhead press, you are virtually hitting every muscle group in your body. Begin with a weight that allows you to master the technique and ensures you don’t place any strain on your back – ask a Fernwood trainer to help you with your form.

3Squats x 15

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Squats are extremely versatile. Not only do they whip your legs and butt into shape, they accelerate fat loss. Keep your chest up and sink down into your heels, using your butt to push back to a standing start.

4Medicine ball slams x 15

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Think of something that makes you angry … then put all of your strength into slamming that medicine ball into the floor, like you’re using both hands to bounce a really heavy basketball. Don’t be shy when slamming that medicine ball down – the harder you throw, the more it engages your core.

5Burpees x 10

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Universally met with groans of “Do we have to?”, these suckers will get your heart rate up in no time. Burpees are great because they can be adapted to suit any fitness level and are easily one of the best ways to improve cardiovascular conditioning.

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