5 quick and easy guilt-free snacks you’re going to love

The word “snacking” can conjure images of donuts being thoughtlessly devoured during bouts of boredom. Why is it that ‘snacks’ are so often underlined with feelings of guilt, as if we have failed at starving ourselves between meals?

In fact, most dieticians suggest having a snack between meals or encourage eating five to six smaller meals throughout the day in order to remain energised and keep our metabolism ticking over.

The reason snacking gets a bad wrap is because a snack is meant to be convenient and when you are hungry and the most convenient thing around is a chocolate bar, it’s probably what you’ll reach for.

Since aimless snacking can quickly increase our daily calorie intake, it is important to be prepared with easy go-to foods and while we’d all like to think we spend our Sunday’s in the kitchen playing Martha Stewart, for a lot of us, we just don’t have the time.

When in doubt, to save testing your will power, here are five healthy guilt-free snacks that are easily bought.

Five everyday guilt-free snacks to have on hand

Muffin Break Low Carb

1. Muffin Break Lower Carb Muffins

Baked with 70% less carbohydrate and 75% less sugar, the new Muffin Break’s new Lower Carb range contain over 8g of protein and almost half the kilojoules of a standard Muffin Break treat. Available in berry, nut & seeds and macadamia, mango & passionfruit, these tasty treats are baked fresh every morning with wholesome ingredients. They’ve switched butter for natural Greek yoghurt and added almond meal and chickpea flour, making these the perfect snack to satisfy your three pm sweet tooth.

Low carb snacks. obela hommus

2. Obela Hommus To G

Shop → Obela Hommus To Go $2.99

Hommus is a well-known health snack with limited ingredients and unlimited health benefits. Made from chickpeas, oil, garlic, tahini and salt, this popular dip is an excellent source of protein and dietary fibre. Proven to aid weight management and stabilise blood glucose levels for sustained energy, Hommus is a great pick me up for those mid-morning and late afternoon slumps. For the perfect small meal, dip brand, Obela have created the Hommus To Go snack pack: the ideal serving size of creamy hommus paired with Sakata wholegrain rice crackers. Free from dairy and gluten, this on-the-go snack pot comes in a range of flavours including classic, savoury garlic, roasted capsicum and light with 40% less fat.

Low carb snack, iso whey protein balls

3. IsoWhey Brown Rice Protein Ball

Shop → IsoWhey Brown Rice Protein Ball, $31.95

Protein balls are commonly referred to as ‘power’ balls for a reason. The extra hit of protein provides just enough sustenance to keep us ticking over until dinner time. What’s our favourite thing about this power ball in particular? It contains an alkaline plant-based source of protein and is jam-packed full of antioxidants. Free from gluten, dairy, soy and all artificial ‘nasties’  IsoWhey’s new whole foods range gets our tick of approval. Plus we can’t help but love that you get four smaller balls in the pack so you can space out your fix when hunger strikes!

Low Carb Wallaby

4. Wallaby Superfoodie Slice

Shop → Wallaby Superfoodie Slice, $22.95

When you’re looking for a superfood bar without the added protein hit, you can’t go passed Wallaby’s range of fruit and nut slices. A great way to up your fruit intake for the day, these on-the-go snacks are made from 100% natural ingredients meaning there’s nothing on the label we can’t pronounce! Plus, they are safe for the allergy-prone, being free from gluten, dairy and refined sugar. Available in five different flavours, the banana, coconut and chia breakfast bar is our mid-morning go-to but we can’t say no to a cappuccino and cacao combo when we need a bit more of a pick-me-up.

Low Carb Cobs

5. Cobs Popcorn

Shop → Cobs Popcorn, $3.14

We’re all a bit fickle from time to time which is why Cobs popcorn, ‘lightly salted, slightly sweet’ can be the perfect answer to our indecisive snack cravings. Made from all natural ingredients and containing a measly 609 kilojoules, it is light and tasty treat between meals. But beware, not only is this antonymous flavour irresistible, it is also available in two sizes: modest and indulgent. So unless you’re off to the movies with friends (stress the plural), make sure you opt for the baby pack.

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