5 reasons fitness pros use ViPR for results

Have you seen the piece of very cool workout kit I’m using in this video in your gym yet? It’s called ViPR (essentially a light tube with handles) and I make no secret of the fact I am absolutely in love with it as my go-to workout tool at the moment.

Watch the ViPR video HERE

Here are 5 reasons so many fitness pros are just as addicted as I am…

1. It creates a strong, lean body without adding bulk

Libby Babet, ViPROk, this is a controversial point to make. I know it’s popular to say weights won’t add bulk to a woman’s frame and I agree that resistance training is a super important part of any balanced exercise program. Pumping a little iron will help you achieve sexy, toned muscles and a lean body BUT a lot of heavy weight lifting simply doesn’t suit every body type.

If you perform the same lifts over and over, without enough variability in your routine then just like the boys, you’ll continue to build muscle. Now that’s not necessarily a bad thing – muscles ROCK and for some women, weight training is all they need to reach their body goals, but if you’re someone who wants to stay light for other fitness outlets like distance running, dancing or team sports, or are just a little bit muscle-phobic (hey, it happens!), you need something that will give you all the benefits of strength training, without adding bulk.

HELLO loaded movement training! ViPR has you lifting sub-maximal loads across a variety of patterns that will keep your muscles guessing, your fascia (connective tissue) engaged and your heart rate high so you create tone, build strength and increase the health of your bones and skin, all while skyrocketing your heart rate and scoring a sneaky cardio workout on the side.

Because your body is always adapting to new movement patterns and you’re stretching and loading as you move, your muscles become lean and long, as well as strong.

Libby Babet, ViPR2. It makes you feel like a Ninja

The ViPR is a 360-degree movement tool, which encourages you to combine multiple movement patterns into the one workout. You can lift it, shift it, rotate with it, flip it, throw it, strike and balance with it. The more familiar you get with the tool, the more creative you tend to become until your workouts turn into one big ‘flow’ session, meaning you’re just continually moving with your ViPR, a bit like performing a dance or practicing with Ninja weapons. Let your mind wander and your body follow…

3. It’s an anti-ageing tool

Forget Botox; the new wave of fitness tools and tricks focused on loaded movement training will work on improving the health of your skin and connective tissue, boosting blood flow and stimulating collagen production to combat wrinkles and give you glowing, filled-out skin. Yes please!

4. It improves all this stuff too…

By shifting weight through space, rather than lifting it against gravity, ViPR bridges the gap between strength and movement training, engaging your muscles with variable stimuli, while giving your fascia exactly what it needs for optimal conditioning, hydration and strength. Because the load demand on the body is changing with each repetition as the speed and angle of the ViPR varies, your entire body must respond, including your central nervous system. This leads to a boost in coordination, as well an increase in agility, grace, balance and flexibility.

5. It’s your no-run cardio fix!

Just a few minutes with the ViPR is enough to send your heart rate through the roof because you’re using your entire body to perform each movement. This means your heart rate is constantly peaking and you’re burning mega calories, engaging your core and really getting a dynamic workout.


  1. Always maintain length in your spine as you move with ViPR.
  2. Lead with your hips, don’t leave them behind as you move, shift and rotate.
  3. Start with a lighter weight and stationary shifting/movements, before progressing to dynamic exercises and rotation.
 Image credits: @moxyfit | @libbybabet