5 reasons we’re crushing on Rihanna’s new PUMA campaign

Remember the story we ran last December about mega-star Rihanna adding another feather to her cap as PUMA Women’s Creative Director? Well, the teaser for her second campaign with the brand has just been released, and we’re on the verge of obsession with it already.

In the Forever Faster campaign, she stars alongside global sporting sensations Usain Bolt, Arsenal Football Club striker Sergio Agüero and the Cuban National Boxing Team, but here in the Sporteluxe office, Rihanna’s the one we totally had eyes on.

Why we’re crushing on Rihanna’s Forever Faster campaign

1. Her outfit’s on-point

Styled in a cross-back sports bra, track pants and a bulky parka (kind of ghetto fabulous-meets-downtown-yoga-chic), Rihanna’s look is the perfect off-duty inspiration source. She’s also sporting the new PUMA Ignite XT sneakers, a high intensity training shoe that has been designed to maximise energy and movement, two things most folks would agree Rihanna’s not short on.


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2.  Her face is FIERCE

The Forever Faster campaign is all about stepping up your training to be faster, stronger and fiercer than ever and Rihanna’s face screams,”What the @&%$ are you waiting for? Get moving, girl!” all too well. Point taken. Watch us move…

3. Her #fitspo physique

It’s no secret Rihanna has some of the best legs in the business and this new campaign completely celebrates her strong, toned physique – and wash-board abs. She’s the walking poster girl for the “strong is the new skinny” movement, which is clearly why PUMA nabbed her as the face of this campaign and their entire women’s range.

4. Her jealousy-inducing locks

Rihanna’s hair has been styled in loose, natural waves and that’s definitely a post-workout look we all crave. If we could look as polished as she does after a sweat sesh we’d be very happy humans but for now, we’ll have to stick to layering on the dry shampoo.

5. Her cool girl approach

Let’s be honest, it might be a high production video, but Rihanna looks like she’s barely trying. And what’s more cool than effortless cool? Especially when it’s connected to a brand with a rich retro heritage like PUMA.

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