5 Simple Tips To Make The Most Of Your Overseas Trip

These simple tips will help you make the most of your jaunt overseas.

Cabin conditions on a long haul flight are a nasty mix for dehydration and poor circulation, which can lead to more severe jetlag and a case of cankles. The fix? Sip water on the flight and avoid excessive alcohol or caffeine as well as moving around for a few minutes each hour.

Once you’ve landed schedule in rest for your first night to recharge and lower your stress levels preventing that 22 hour flight from playing havoc with your immunity.

Finally, plan your indulgences. Sticking to your normal eating routine helps keep your immunity up, prevents jetlag and means you’ll be more picky on what you splurge on so you’ll enjoy it more. Easy


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Ashleigh Perriott
Journo and health nerd, Ashleigh grew up in an active, health conscious family, spending most of her childhood at Little Athletics Events. Passionate about living life to it’s fullest she loves early mornings in the gym and hiking when she can sweet talk a friend into joining her. Ashleigh has a Bachelor of Communications - Journalism from Charles Sturt University and has been published in Handyman Magazine, Women’s Health Magazine and Australian Healthy Food Guide.