5 simple ways to improve your kids health and fitness!

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Helping kids stay fit and healthy isn’t always easy. Obstacles to healthy living crop up from all sides, but you can help your family stay healthy by adopting a flexible approach and keeping things fun!

Here are five simple ways to improve your children’s health and fitness!

1.      Make exercise part of daily life

Create a short obstacle course around the house or go down at the skate park, soccer oval or get out and enjoy riding your bikes. Encourage your kids to workout with you too!

2.      Provide healthy snack drawers or boxes in the fridge

Let your kids have access to a variety of fresh, healthy snacks. Everyone will have different tastes so let them choose their favorites while still encouraging variety.

3.      Encourage good sleep habits

Having active and healthy kids means they sleep like dream kids. Kids occasionally have restless nights but most are naturally superb sleepers. Avoid late night wakefulness with a nightly bedtime routine and plenty of healthy foods and exercise during the day.

4.      Indulge occasionally

Let your kids indulge once and a while: treats can be enjoyed and still be part of a healthy lifestyle. Sweets can be made using fresh and natural ingredients right in your own kitchen.

5.      Lead by example

If you’re serious about health and fitness for your kids, you need to show them an example that they can follow. Set realistic goals for everyone and don’t get too down if you don’t meet them exactly the way you planned.