5 stylish portable mobile chargers that bloggers love


There’s probably not one day that goes by where you don’t hear someone saying “my phone is dead” or “I need to charge my phone – can I borrow your charger?” It’s all too real right?

Well take a leaf out of a bloggers book and keep on you a portable mobile charger at all times. Just remember to charge it at the end of each day.

Bloggers live on their phones – without it, they can’t post, edit, email, call, text and plan their day. But reality is, taking and editing a picture actually drains the phone battery more than most people realise. Some bloggers even run out of juice by 10am and have two backup chargers and work from two mobile phones!

Yes, it may seem overkill at most and a little tedious and stressful at least, but if you plan and go about your day prepared then having backups can actually help you to be more productive and thus pump out more work.

Check out these stylish and super handy portable mobile chargers we love (and won’t compromise on your outfit)…

Marble phone charger

1. Urban Outfitters portable phone charger

It’s all about marbling your macs these days, so why not go the distance and rock a marble portable mobile phone charger too. Universally compatible, just hook the marble charger to your device with your current USB power cable and you’ll be styling it! Includes a micro USB cable for recharging.

Shop now → Portable phone charger approx. $60

Portable mobile charger

2. Free People Dual Bank Charger

The Free People Dual Bank Charger is handcrafted using the finest woods from around the globe and designed in New york City. It features a touch sensitive LED light and a rechargeable lithium battery. The perfect on the go charger for the super chic stylish bloggers
Shop here → Dual Bank Charger $79.10


Mini Power


3. Mini Power

Super tiny, the Mini Power is based on the Paper battery technology and features a small capacity (2 hours, 4 hours and 6 hours) which is just enough for urgent use. And the best part we love, it can be recycled at the store just like a normal battery.

See more here

Solar Power charger

4. XD Port Solar Powered Charger

Perfect for the greenie in you, this solar-powered mobile phone is compatible with most devices as it features an embedded USB port. We love the convenient suction pad which allows the charger to stick to almost any window (even an aeroplane’s!).


Shop → Port Solar Powered Charger $92


MPow portable charger

5. MIPOW Power Cube Portable Battery 4500

The MIPOW Power Cube 4500m is a very chic and thin portable battery charger that is built with a USB port and a micro USB input port to recharge the Power Cube itself.

Featuring a smart circuit technology that protects it from overcharging, over-discharging, over-voltage, over-current and short circuiting. We love the anti-skid technology of this charger. 

Shop → MIPOW portable battery, $69.95