5 surprising, natural ways to whiten teeth

It is often said that your smile is the first thing people notice when they meet you and you only have to be introduced to Julia Roberts to know why.

Having a flawless set of pearly whites is something we all desire. Not only is it good for our confidence but it is also important for our health. Did you know, many severe conditions, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes and Alzheimers, have been linked to poor gum hygiene?

So to ensure we remain healthy and exuding confidence, it’s important to keep our teeth in mint condition. But since the main culprits for plaque and stains – coffee, chocolate, red wine – also happen to be our ‘couldn’t go withouts’, this can be easier said than done.

To avoid giving up these guilty pleasures, we’ve done some research and found five healthy foods that naturally whiten teeth – chocolate strawberries anyone?

5 unusual ways to naturally whiten teeth:


#1 Strawberries

Said to be Catherine Zeta Jones’ secret to her signature smile, rubbing smashed strawberries onto your gums whitens teeth! How? Strawberries contain a natural form of malic acid which is the substance found in teeth whitening products. Perfect, another reason to graze on these delicious low calorie berries!

Coconut Oil

#2 Coconut Oil

Coconut oil really does fix EVERYTHING. The miracle product said to prevent wrinkles and aid digestion can apparently whiten teeth! Simply put a spoonful of it in your mouth after brushing and swish it around your gums for 5-20 minutes. A process known as ‘coconut pulling’, this little trick is gaining popularity in the wellness world due to the antimicrobial properties found in the oil which are great for your gums. Where will we be putting it next?

apple, whiten teeth

#3 Fruits & Vegetables

Crunchy fruit and vegetables are Mother Earth’s toothbrushes. While being good for digestion, chewing on your greens is said to lift excess bacteria left over in the mouth and scrub away surface stains. Apples in particular contain a large amount of malic acid that acts as the main stain-removing product.

Grapefruit, whiten teeth

#4 Grape fruit

Eat more acidic fruit such as oranges and grapefruits because the citric acid is said to help remove excess grime on your pearly whites.

Apple cider vinegar, whiten teeth

#5 Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar can work as one of the best solutions for teeth whitening, with many people equating it to a professional cleaning. Mix it with baking soda for a DIY whitening toothpaste or simply use it by itself as a mouthwash for gradually whiter teeth.

Still not Reflex white? Here are some tips to take it one shade further…

  • Use a straw! Sip all your drinks with a straw to avoid leaving sugar or caffeine residue on your pearly whites
  • Try not to eat super dark foods such as soy sauce – foods with dark pigmentation can cause staining
  • Swap your toothbrush every 2-3 months
  • Avoid energy drinks