5 surprising places you CAN meditate in

When anyone thinks of meditating, the first image that comes to the mind is someone sitting on the ground with their thumbs and index fingers gently pressed together with their eyes closed down in a very calm and serene place. The misconception is that meditating has to be sitting on the ground cross-legged. Not true! You can actually meditate anywhere at anytime. It’s just up to you on how well you can block out those external thoughts by just closing the mind down (not thinking) and being in the moment.

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Bianca Cheah, meditating

To be honest, I actually find it hard myself to meditate even though I am a qualified yoga instructor. And believe it or not, Savasana (the corpse pose) is one of the hardest yoga poses to do during practice. It looks super easy lying there, but being able to close down any thoughts and not fall asleep is tricker than it sounds.

So, I’ve suggested five places that you may be surprised are ideal to meditate in, meaning you can actually go about your day even more inclined to meditate and free your mind up. Meditation actually gives you rest, deeper than the deepest sleep.

Bear in mind that 20 minutes of meditation can equal eight hours of a good sleep

So even if you can only manage a few of the below, you’re on the right path to giving your mind a break so it can recharge with better clarity and higher productivity.

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Yes you heard right! And anyone can do this one. Next time your eating your food, don’t talk to your neighbour or friend. Put away your phone and laptop. Now, take a bite of your dish…think about how good the food tastes on your palette. Savour those flavours and indulge in the moment of those delicious feelings going through your body.

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When lining up for a sandwich at your local lunch cafe (we love Bread & Circus in Sydney), stop looking at your watch and phone. Put it all away. Now just stand there and gently just close down your eyes. Take a deep breath in, hold it, drop your chin down, feel the oxygen inside your lungs expand to the outer edges of your lungs, feel the oxygens energy gently expand to your shoulders, to your finger tips, to the crown of your head and then to your feet, raise your chin and gently exhale all the air. Now open your eyes.

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At your desk or computer and feeling super stressed just looking at your emails? Minimise all your screens to the menu bar so your desktop is BLANK. Close your eyes and focus on your breath filling up your entire body… Take a deep UJJAYI breath in counting to five through your nose whilst contracting your throat (you should be breathing through your throat), exhale (with mouth closed) through your nose and throat again counting to five. Repeat this 10 times. Remember to try and feel the air passing through your throat. Now open your eyes.

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It’s called moving meditation; when you’re running and you’re in a rhythm where everything feels like your just running on clouds. Nothing hurts, you can feel the air on your skin, you can smell the flowers, the grass and the suns rays warming your skin, you can hear the birds chirping. Your smiling and you can feel your heart beat in tune with your breath. Running never felt better!

Bianca Cheah, Running


When you’re next in the shower, close your eyes and stand with your feet hipwidth distance apart. Hand down by your sides palms facing outwards. Now feel the droplets on your skin… on your lips… on your feet. What does it feel like? The warmth, the gentle pitter patter of warm rain massaging your skin…

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