5 teas we’re loving here at Sporteluxe!

We’re big tea enthusiasts here at Sporteluxe and always have a good cuppa on the go. We also love trying out new varieties. So we thought we’d share a few of our new fave teas we’ve been sipping on lately to inspire you to get a brew, relax and unwind after work or at the weekend.

tea Edible tea

Edible Beauty

Shop → Sleeping Beauty Tea from The Beauty Apothecary, $19

This soothing blend contains oat seed, lemon verbena, chamomile flower blossoms and lavender is the best brew for the end of the day – no caffeine means you can enjoy a restful night’s sleep. The addition of lemon balm also helps promote good digestion as well.


Tea pukka


Shop → Matcha Green Tea Bags, $7.95

Matcha Tea is a huge trend on the tea scene right now so we were super excited when we discovered these tea bags from one of our fave organic tea brands Pukka. These tea bags are filled with Matcha and a blend of three other fair trade whole leaf greens: Chinese Sencha, Indian Oothu and Vietnamese Suoi Gang.

Seventh Duchess Tea

Seventh Duchess

Shop → Bondi Daydreamer Tea, $16.95

Like drinking a cup of summer! Blended in Australia and packaged in a stylish biodegradable box, this black tea is infused with mango and delicious hot or iced.

black tea, T 2


Shop → French Earl Grey, $13.50

This French fruity twist on earl grey has a certain je ne sais quoi! This medium-bodied black tea is full of pretty petals and slivers of fruit to offer a delicious take on a classic sip.

Tea slim bliss, slim bliss tea


Shop → SlimBliss Tea, $19

Taking a holistic approach to weight loss through balancing your appetite, reducing sugar cravings and improving the digestion of fats and sugars, this SlimBlisss tea is the perfect kitchen companion. It also helps detoxify and cleanse the body making it a great tea to kick-start the New Year. 

Tea Be Genki, Be Genki tea

Be Genki

Shop → Vital Herbal Tea, $22

This beautiful tea will ease adrenal exhaustion and promote that well sought after feeling of wellbeing. It’s one of our favourite teas to have in the morning for that extra pick-me-up to boost our productivity for the day!

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