5 tips for nailing the trend: pastel pink

How to look more couture than cotton candy.

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Pulling off pastel pink beyond the age of five is a challenge. The colour that’s reminiscent of unicorns and rainbows hardly screams sophistication. Nevertheless, it’s been the on-trend hue for most of this year.

Ever since colour guru’s, Pantone, announced Rose Quartz as the colour of 2016, it’s been popping up everywhere. And we have to admit: we’re loving the feminine touch.

So to help you look more boss than ballerina, and more couture than cotton candy, we’ve put together our top tips for nailing the trend.

5 tips for looking stylish in pastel pink
(ages 6 and up)

1. Stick to classic silhouettes

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When it comes to pulling off pink, the key is in the fitting. Think leather sneakers, blazers and tailored pants. Stick to modern silhouettes and flattering designs and you’ll look elegant every time.

2. Avoid anything too fluffy

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Nothing says fairy floss more than fluffy pink so go easy Carmen Electra. Avoid anything prissy, pouffy or playboy…unless you’re into that kind of thing.

3. If in doubt, go subtle

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If you’ve sworn off pink in the past, try adding a hint here and there. Look to accessories, clothing details or even your beauty routine (read: makeup, hair, nails) for an added touch. You’ll still look on-trend without feeling like a barbie doll.

4. Keep the rest of your outfit neutral

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To avoid looking like a Ken Done original, pair your pink with neutral shades. Grey, white and black all match well but opting for an entirely light ensemble can ease you into the trend. It’s smart, subtle and stylish.

5. Or go monochrome

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This is undoubtedly the most difficult look to concur, but when done right it can be flawless. The secret: unity. To pull off head to toe pink, every article must be unified. Whether you’re dressing up or down, don’t go over the top with statement pieces. Choose one item to hero and keep the rest simple. Think runway as opposed to recital and you can’t go wrong.

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