5 tricks to get your legs short-skirt ready

Hello Spring! As much as we’re excited it’s THAT time of year again, waving goodbye to the cold weather of winter also means saying farewell to the jeans and long yoga pants that covered those likely-neglected legs all season. No need to worry, though. Just follow this five-step guide to getting smooth, glowing and fabulous legs and you’ll be ready for those short skirts and running shorts in no time

Our top 5 tips for getting your legs short-skirt ready

1. Exfoliate away winter

Regular exfoliation and massage can help tone and firm the skin, which is always the ideal when you’re showing off your pins in spring. Using these exfoliating gloves will also help slough off dead skin cells and prep your legs for fake tan, too.

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2. Moisturise while you cleanse

Not only is dry skin itchy and irritating, but it also doesn’t look crash hot either. That’s why we love Dove’s latest body wash, Aqua Moisture. This brand new product suits all skin types, but is especially ideal for dry skin. It contains a unique technology called NutriumMoisture that means your skin is cleansed of dirt and oil, without stripping away your its natural moisture. The formula is light and refreshing and smells great too!

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3. Tan while you moisturise

A little faux glow goes a long way when it comes to boosting your confidence, but the trick is to use one that’s easy, natural-looking and simple to apply. We recommend one that works gradually and moisturises too. Lather limbs in this hydrating lotion for a light, golden tan.

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4. Work from the inside out

Even supermodels get cellulite and a few pesky dimples are certainly no reason to dodge your favourite clothes, but for anyone wanting to ease their appearance from the inside out, it’s worth knowing dandelion tea is widely believed to be a natural aid to smoother skin, given its diuretic qualities. By helping to release retained fluid under the skin, the appearance of cellulite can be reduced.

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5. De-fuzz for good

Given it’s quick, incredibly effective and now very affordable, it’s no surprise laser hair removal has become the go-to hair removal method of choice for many women. Hair free without having the bother or pain of waxing or shaving again? That’s the ideal! If you’re keen to try it now in time for summer, it’s good to know Laser Clinics Australia currently have an offer running until September 16 with discounts on hair removal (for example, a full leg treatment costs just $90, bikini just $20 per session, underarms $30).

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