5 ways to cleanse without starving yourself in cooler months

Winter cleansing, how to cleanse in winter, detox
By guest blogger, Simone Austin
Swisse in-house expert and Sports Dietitian to Hawthorn AFL Club

How to cleanse without starving yourself in the cooler months

To keep your body feeling energised through winter you need to apply the same principles you would during summer: plenty of vegetables, quality wholegrains and lean proteins in your diet. But we all know salads for meals and raw vegetables for snacks are not as appealing when it is cold outside, so what can you do?


1. Start a soup club

Look at food preparation and cooking as a fun inside activity during the cooler months. We benefit our whole body when the food experience of preparation and eating are enjoyed with others. Have a big soup cook-up on the weekend or start a soup club at work and take it in turns to bring in your favourite signature soup dish to share with your colleagues.

2. Try a casserole

Cooking winter casseroles, soups and curries also provide the perfect opportunity to include a range of highly nutritional herbs and spices. These are packed with antioxidants and phytonutrients to help repair our body and prevent disease. Turmeric, chilli, ginger, garlic are just a few of my favourites.

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3. Bump up your fibre

One part of what people refer to as cleansing is the need to get your digestive system working as well as possible. When our digestive systems are sluggish, we often feel that way too. Your digestive system is a critical player in the functioning of your overall immune system and a great way to keep this in check is to make sure you are getting plenty of fibre, which again comes back to eating lots of vegetables and wholegrains. These provide the fibre to keep things moving and to feed the good bacteria.

Winter cleansing, how to cleanse in winter, detox

4. Buy a slow cooker 

Using wholegrains to accompany your meal, instead of making it the star, can help prevent over eating and extra kilograms that may be occur in the cooler months. Try some slow cooked meals packed with vegetables in a slow cooker, or in the oven for long periods. Winter provides us with a great range of nutrient rich vegetables such as cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage and silverbeet, perfect for this style of meals. Walk into the house and smell that aroma waiting for you. That is enough to lift your spirits after a gloomy weather day. Replace your usual snacks with mini meals of warming filling dishes. An afternoon mug of warm, hearty minestrone will keep you going until dinner time.

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6. Make desserts work for you

Make sure you treat yourself! A healthy warm dessert in cold weather can be used to nourish the body too. Try stewed apple with rhubarb, wholegrain fruit and nut toast with ricotta, sautéed banana and cinnamon, instead of reaching for the biscuits and cakes. Add some cinnamon, cloves and other spices for added phytonutrients and flavor.

Use the cooler weather to your advantage by eating nourishing and warming dishes with plenty of tasty vegetables, herbs and spices that will provide you with a massive nutrient hit! Then you and your well-fuelled body will be ready when the summer months arrive.

About guest blogger Simone Austen:

Melbourne-based Simone is the in-house dietitian for Swisse and a spokesperson for the Dietitians Association of Australia. Her expertise in sports dietetics has seen her work with a host of high profile teams and clubs, including the Australian Cricket Team, Melbourne City A-League Football Club, Melbourne Storm Ruby League Club, Melbourne Rebels Rugby Union Club and Western Bulldogs AFL. She is currently Sports Dietitian to Hawthorn AFL and Melbourne City Football Clubs.

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