5 ways to trick yourself into drinking more water

drink more water, tips for drinking more water

A plentiful dose of water each day will detox your body from the inside out and will help flush out unwanted toxins, metabolise fat easier, build muscle and increase cognitive and nerve functions. With the recommended daily intake of a whopping eight glasses a day, this is often easier said than done (unless you spend your day at the kitchen sink). Here are our top tips to give your body the H20 it needs to function at its best and to sip your way to a healthier day!

Incorporate water into your daily routine

drink more water, tips for drinking more water

Your morning and evening routines probably consist of a specific set of actions to ease you into the day or into a restful nights sleep. Try to glug one glass of water before you brush your teeth in the morning and evening to incorporate more water into your daily routine. Like magic you’ll have two glasses down and only six to go!

Take a bottle with you wherever you go

Pop a bottle in your handbag, gymbag or on your desk at work to sip the day away. What’s more? If you have a sizeable bottle on-the-go, you won’t have to refill every hour or go on the hunt for H20 so you can get even more ticked off your ‘To Do’ list!

Make it pretty

We all know it’s easier to hit the gym when your active attire is on point so the same trick works for water. One of these reusable glass water bottles by bkr should be your number one beauty essential and will change the way you hydrate forever.

drink more water, tips for drinking more water
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There’s an app for that

There’s an app for everything these days and drinking water is one of them! One of these apps on your phone will help you track your daily intake and will even send you reminders to keep on hydrating.

drink more water, tips for drinking more water

→ Waterlogged (for iPhone)
→ WaterLog (for Android)


drink more water, tips for drinking more waterGet fruity

Tempt your tastebuds into drinking more water by adding a handful of fruit to your bottle. Add a splash of lemon to your morning beverage to kickstart your metabolism and help cleanse your liver. If lemon is too tart for your taste, try a delicious strawberry and lime combo. Strawberries are brimming with anti-oxidants while limes are an excellent anti-aging weapon due to their restorative properties for hair, skin, and nails.

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