6 products that help you fake thick hair quick

Thick, luscious locks are every girl’s dream but sometimes this dream is more a figment of our imagination than part of our reality. The good news is it’s as easy to fake thick hair as it is a tan these days. We’ve found six ways to faux your way to the thick-haired do of your dreams.

Having thick, healthy hair is a dream a number of girls can relate to, however sometimes those rushed, early mornings or bad hair days can hinder the any hair aspirations you may have. Never fear, for there is a plethora of ways to make your hair appear thicker than it is. Here are six ways to fake thick hair and have your tresses looking fuller faster than you can say luscious locks.

Six ways to fake thick hair

1. De Lorenzo Instant Accentu8

Dubbing themselves as the ultimate volumising tools designed for fine, flat or limp hair, the De Lorenzo Accentu8 range is definitely one to try. The Instant Accentu8 series uses a unique blend of bio-marine extracts to instantly inject volume into your lack-lustre locks, bringing them back to life and leaving them full of body and movement.

De Lorenzo hair thickening

Shop → De Lorenzo Accentu8 Trio Pack, $39.95

2. Kevin Murphy Full Again Thickening Lotion

Looking for a lotion to thicken your hair and provide it with natural movement and body? Look no further than Kevin Murphy’s Full Again Thickening Lotion. It’s infused with essential oils of Amyris and Elemi as well as Rayon particles to create a thicker surface, giving your hair the strength it needs to act as thick as it is tough.


Shop → Kevin Murphy Full Again Thickening Lotion, $34.95

3. Kerastase Materialiste All-over Thickening Spray Gel

Never mind next level volume, this bottle of goodness will create next dimension volume. Kerastase’s new styling solution will deliver visible thickness to each fibre of your hair to give you instantly thicker and fuller locks, sans the stiff-to-touch feeling hairspray leaves. Your hair will be voluminous and soft – what more could you want?

Kerastase MATÉRIALISTE thickening lotion

Shop → Kerastase Materialiste All-over Thickening Spray Gel, $38

4. Aveda Invati

Made up of an exfoliating shampoo, thickening conditioner and scalp revitalising spray, this crafty combination will empower your hair to be thicker and fuller than ever. The invigorating blend of ayurvedic herbs in the shampoo will remove pore-clogging build up while the conditioner will work to re-establish the natural strength of your hair. Combine this dynamic duo with the Invati Scalp Revitalising Spray to energise and restore your scalp to promote healthy hair growth to make your hair look thick and fresh each morning.

Thickening hair products. invati™ system

Shop → Aveda Invati, $189.95

5. Klorane Strengthening Serum

The innovative quinine-caffeine complex in Korane’s Strengthening Serum will give your tired, weak and thin hair the boost it so deserves. Qyubube has come to be known for its powerful strengthening properties so when paired with caffeine, it becomes a powerhouse to re-energise and strengthen your strands.

KloraneShop Klorane Strengthening Serum, $16.34

6. Aveda Thickening Tonic

This powerful little bottle will expand your strands from root to tip, instantly transforming them to make them appear thicker than ever. The Aveda Thickening Tonic contains 97 per cent naturally derived ingredients including wheat protein to protect against thermal damage, corn-derived polymer to provide hold and acacia gum to add lightweight bulk to your hair.

AVEDA thickening tonic

Shop → Aveda Thickening Tonic, $39

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