6 simple steps to spring clean your pantry

Spring is certainly trying to leap into life here in Sydney, which means there’s no time like the present to kick start some healthy habits so your body’s ready for the warmer weather. Though it may seem overwhelming, A Season of Change is a great place to begin. This app-based program delivers everything from eating plans and workouts to confidence-boosting encouragement straight to your phone or inbox everyday. Combined with these six steps to give your kitchen a good old-fashioned detox, it will get your summer goals off to a flying start!

Detox your pantry in six simple steps

Step One: Chuck It!

Go through your cupboards, fridge and freezer and take out all the foods you think might slow you down on your course to success. Think of it as if you’re drawing a mental line in the sand and are throwing away the foods that don’t support your healthy lifestyle. It’s understandable that you might find this a bit wasteful so if you can’t bring yourself to toss them, give them away – immediately. No room for handbrakes on this journey to better health.

Step Two: Out of Sight, Out of Mind

A season of changeWhilst it’s best to keep your kitchen free of food that will give your willpower a run for its money, you don’t need to deprive yourself entirely. A little treat here or there is fine but make access to those ‘sometimes foods’ inconvenient. Store them in containers you can’t see through in the freezer, up high or in another room out of sight. Likewise, make snacks like fruit and vegetables highly visible when you walk into the kitchen or open the fridge door.

Step Three: Plan Ahead

To ensure you don’t reach for the nearest take-away menu, have a stash of healthy meals available for when you don’t have the time or inclination to cook. Freeze single-sized portions of left-overs or allocate a chunk of time in the kitchen to make a batch of healthy meals that can also be frozen in single or family sized lunch and dinner quantities.

Step Four: Be Prepared

In addition to having homemade healthy meals on hand, make sure you also have a supply of frozen or preserved fruit, vegetables and proteins available as quick meal ingredients. We love sundried tomatoes, canned corn kernels, frozen vegetables, tins of tuna or frozen chicken breast and frozen fish fillets. These are all great staples to have on stand by for your soon-to-be famous salad, soup or stir fry. If you’re not sure what to cook each week, the A Season of Change app is a great recipe resource that can be accessed any time, any where.

Step Five: R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

Respect yourself (and your veggies) by taking time to choose the best produce available. Make sure you’re aware of the best way store your foodstuffs to lengthen the shelf-life to preserve nutrients and maximise flavour.

Step Six: Cut the Calories

So many calories are wasted on beverages with next to no nutritional value. Commit to having only zero calorie fluids readily available (the best one is sparkling mineral water with a twist of citrus for zing and flavour). If you’re eating your quota of fruit each day, there is absolutely no need to have juice in the fridge.

TIP: If you’d like loads of useful food and fitness tools, tips and support, then signing up for A Season of Change could be just the ticket to a better body you’re searching for. The 10-week online food and fitness transformation, brought to your by Sculpt, starts next Monday on September 28. Find out more at www.aseasonofchange.me.