7 easy yoga moves to target and tone triceps

Engage your upper body in totally unexpected ways.

tricep, arm workout, vinyasa, yoga, Kate Kendall

Bicep curls and tricep dips are great for sculpting and toning arms. But, if you’re bored of your usual routine or not finding these exercises challenging enough, you’re not alone. That’s why we tapped Flow Athletic’s yoga guru Kate Kendall for a tricep sculpt flow that’ll help engage our upper body in totally unexpected ways. Ahead, she breaks down each move.

Tricep Yoga Flow

Using small hand weights (try 3kg), this short flow will help ground and focus as well as sculpt your arms.


Stand at top of mat with weights in hands. Take five deep breaths to stabilize and ground.

2Arms out and up

Allowing core to control your movements, inhale your arms out and up slowly and exhale your arms out to the side and down.

3Half Lift

Releasing the weights to the ground, inhale and lift your chest to lengthen and release the spine. Exhale step back to a high plank.

4Plank – Chaturanga – High Plank

  1. Stack wrists under shoulders.
  2. Create a long line of energy from the crown of your head to heels and draw your navel gently into the spine, as well as wrap your side waist to really access core strength.
  3. Inhale and lean forwards into the toes as if peering over the front of your mat
  4. Exhale lower your body halfway down to low plank (Chaturanga). If this is too strong and you feel like you’re collapsing in the lower back or chest, drop knees.
  5. Inhale back up to high plank.
  6. Repeat five times.

5Downdog – Three Legged Dog – Tricep Tap

From your high plank, lift hips and ease back into a Downdog, pitching your sit bones up and back.

Tricep workout, arm workout, yoga flow, vinyasa, Kate Kendall

Pressing both palms steady and flat, inhale right leg up and back behind you.

Tricep workout, arm workout, yoga flow, vinyasa, Kate Kendall

As you exhale, curl your right knee to right tricep or elbow and hold for three seconds.

Inhale your right leg back up again and then exhale step your right foot through between hands.

6Arrow Head (with weights)

Pick up the weights and lift torso so that it’s parallel to the floor.

Tricep workout, arm workout, yoga flow, vinyasa, Kate Kendall

Inhale weights back behind you, squeezing triceps at top of rep.

Tricep workout, arm workout, yoga flow, vinyasa, Kate Kendall

Exhale lower the weights under shoulders

Repeat five times.

7Warrior II Bicep Burls (with weights)

  1. From arrowhead, lift the torso and extend arms out shoulder height.
  2. Inhale and curl the weights into shoulders.
  3. Exhale extend arms back out.

Repeat five times.

Repeat the flow circuit three times on each side, alternating sides.