7 natural lip balms your pout will thank you for

There are a lot of things we love about cooler weather, but what it does to our lips isn’t one of them. Combine wind, central heating, extreme chills and (if you’re lucky) sun reflecting off snow on the ski fields, and you have recipe for chapped lip disaster.

And while there are literally hundreds of lip balms on the market now that will keep your pout soft, many contain ingredients you might not necessarily want to be swallowing. Here are our five favourite natural lip treatments here in the Sporteluxe office right now:

1. Jurlique Rose Love Balm

Sure the packaging is pretty, and sure it smells even prettier, but what’s best about this balm from natural beauty brand Jurlique is its ability to beautifully moisturise, soften and protect in even the most extreme weather. We love.

Lip balms Jurlique
Shop → Jurlique Rose Love Balm, $16


2. Antipodes Organic Lip Balm with Lime Leaf & Cocoa Butter

We love the entire range of certified organic Antipodes products, so it’s no surprise this light, creamy lip-hydrator, which features olive oil, cocoa butter and lime makes it onto our list of fave natural balms too. Oh, and it’s vegetarian approved too.

Lip balms antipodes
Shop → Antipodes Organic Lip Balm, $9


3. Dr Roebucks Lips

If you haven’t tried this fantastic chemical-free beauty range, which is ideal for sensitive and problematic skin, then now’s a good time. This lip balm, a luscious blend of beeswax and essential oils, is a perfect example of how chemical free can still be incredibly effective. Softest lips ever!

Lip balms dr robucks
Shop → Dr Roebucks Lips, $9.95


4. L’Occitane Moisturising Shea Lip Balm

Made with 10 per cent fair trade shea butter and a phlethora of ingredients from natural origin, this balm will love your lips back to their soft summer state in no time.

Lip balms loccitane
Shop → L’Occitane Moisturising Shea Lip Balm, $15


5. Dr Lipp Original Nipple Balm for Lips

Loved by celebrity make-up artists, this quirkily-named cult product is long lasting, 100 per cent natural and extremely versatile; not only will it care for your lips, you can apply it to other dry, sensitive skin patches to protect them throughout the winter too.

Lip balms dr lipp
Shop → Dr Lipp Original Nipple Balm for Lips, $20


6. Balance Me Rose Otto Intensive Lip Salve

This all-natural, petroleum-free lip treatment blends three moisturising butters with lanolin and a special rose otto blend, along with hyaluronic acid included to plump up lips at the same time. Use it daily or just when lips need some intensive TLC.

Lip balms balance me
Shop → Balance Me Rose Otto Intensive Lip Salve, $28


7. Kiehl’s Scented Lip Balm #1

There’s a reason why this lip balm is called #1: it’s an absolute winner in the soft smile stakes. Plus, it’s currently available in five scents (coconut, mango, pear, cranberry or mint), so you’ll never get bored with the scent or flavour.

Lip balms kiehls
Shop → Kiehl’s Scented Lip Balm #1, $12


Image credits: sexties.deviantart.com, thebottomoftheironingbasket.blogspot.com, lefashionimage.blogspot.com
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