7 simple hair updates for autumn!

Chloe Morello

Just like skincare, your hair routine and look also change with the seasons. Here, are seven of my simple autumn hair updates to try right now.

1. Dyeing your hair is the quickest way to change up your look as the season changes. I tend to favour darker tones for the colder months and even blonde haired beauties can try a deeper shade. Look at it as a great time to detox your locks after spending summer enjoying long sunny and salty days at the beach! While the caramel highlights might’ve been fun, going darker means a lot less damage and the upkeep is much less demanding!

2. There are a couple of ways to eliminate static in hair, which must be one of the most annoying things about cooler weather! While good old hairspray with a comb can tame the frizz, one thing you might not think to try are dryer sheets. Yes, the kind you pop in the wash to prevent static on your washing! These are great for giving your hair the once over and smoothing down stubborn flyaway hairs to leave you with silky smooth locks. You can even try it on your comb or brush and on your pillow before going to sleep.

3. The need to shampoo should become less frequent as the weather cools, as the hair and scalp naturally become dryer thanks to colder and windier weather. Try to adjust your routine accordingly so you aren’t stripping your hair of the natural oils it needs to stay healthy and strong.

4. Just as the sun and salt water can be detrimental in summer, if it’s a particularly windy, freezing or rainy winter day putting a hat or beanie on not only keeps you warm and comfortable but protects your hair and scalp from the elements. Cold temperatures can slow the blood flow and good blood flow to the hair follicles is imperative to keep them working properly and keeping your hair strong!

5. Steaming hot showers might be tempting during winter but too much heat on your hair can strip moisture from it so try to stick to lukewarm water when washing your hair.
The air is dryer in the colder months so a humidifier can be a good investment. You can breathe easy knowing your skin and hair isn’t being robbed of every last ounce of moisture!

6. Another great addition to your home would be silk pillowcases. They are much more gentle on your skin and hair and won’t tug on your hair as you toss in your sleep. Or cause dreaded pillow case creases on your face.

7. Don’t forget your lashes too! Eyelashes are often forgotten about in peoples beauty routines. I recommend applying a little castor oil to your lashes with a cotton tip before bed. It keeps the hair follicle healthy and hydrated. This means stronger lashes, less loss of lashes and more chance of lash growth. Because who wouldn’t want naturally long full lashes?