7 ways to STOP being busy

How to stop being busy

It’s that time of the year, Christmas parties a-plenty; projects that need to get finished; and this incessant desire to catch up with every single person in your address book before the end of 2015. The stress is real, people. I get it. But here’s the thing.You can choose not to plug into this ‘busy’ energy. Instead you can practice being an oasis of peace. So today I have pulled together seven of my top tips on how I stop myself from feeling busy.

Seven ways to stop being busy:

Breathe Deeply. Take five minutes at the start of your day and in the middle of it to do nothing but focus on the sound of your breath. Small act, big results.

Be Selfless. Do one thing a day for someone else. Not only does it release oxytocin (a feel good hormone in the body), but it reminds you that there are other things that are important in this life than your own TO DO list.

Make space. Pull up your calendar right now and clear some space to chill, play, practice yoga or do something else you love.


Put your phone down. Give yourself a Sunday afternoon of tech free fumbling. It will do wonders for your nervous system and distract you from any FOMO (fear of missing out).

Slow Down. Set yourself a reminder a couple of times a day to slow down the pace you’re working at and apply it to everything else from the moment you wake up; the way you eat, walk, talk and make love.


Saying ‘no’ doesn’t mean you’re lazy or not a team player. It just means that you have self-respect and know your boundaries. Write down all the things that drain you and get clear on them so that when they crop up with friends and in meetings you know you’re answer is going to be loud and clear.

Take small steps. You know it’s good for you. Start small (five minutes is good). The more you practice, the longer you can go – the bigger the results.