8 Valentine’s Day Yoga Poses That Will Open Your Heart

Feel the love!

yoga pose
Image: Claire Grieve

The heart shakra sits at the centre of our chests (yep, right next to your heart). In ancient sanskrit, an open heart shakra meant to be “unhurt, unstuck or unbeaten”.

In today’s world, a balanced heart chakra can mean more love, both passionate and compassionate. A blocked heart shakra can lead to loneliness, jealousy, anger or hurt. A blocked shakra is also thought to cause sickness in the chest area (like breast cancer).

Here are some yoga poses that will help you open up your heart’s energy channels and invite love into your life just in time for Valentine’s Day.

1. Puppy Dog

Start on all fours. Place your forearms on the ground as if you are going into a child’s pose, except leave your toosh up in the air and deepen the stretch into your chest.

2. Upward Facing Dog

Start lying flat on the floor with your hands by your chest. Push up until your elbows are almost straight and your hips are lifted off the ground. Take a deep inhale while extending your heart shakra to the sky.

3. Wild Thing

Start in a downward facing dog. Flip your body over releasing one foot behind you and reaching your arm far into the horizon.

4. Camel

yoga poses

Starting on your knees, place your hands on your hips and extend your heart to the sky. In the full expression, your hands will reach your heels.

5. Bow

Lie flat on your stomach. Grab the outsides of your ankle and kick them away from your body. Your chest will lift off the ground like the bow in a bow and arrow.

6. Lord Of The Dance

yoga pose

Start by standing on both feet. Grab one ankle from the outside and kick into your hand until your back is arched and your chest is lifted.

7. Fish Pose

Start by laying on your back. Pull your elbows and forearms along the ground and lift up until your chest is arched and the middle of your head is on the floor.

8. Goddess 

Lay on your back with your legs in butterfly and extend your chest up to the ceiling.

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