Cure Chronic Back Pain With Pilates!

Hey you with the worn wheat pack. Yes you. Start managing your lower back pain and free yourself from couch potato status with Pilates.

An Aussie study found suffers of chronic lower back pain benefit from two sessions of Pilates for 30 to 60 minutes each. But don’t chuck the heat pack just yet as it takes 3 to 6 months for improvements to kick in.

When starting out aim to be in a small class or in a private session with your physio to ensure correct use of the specialised equipment and supervision to prevent further injury.

Photography Chris Lew/, Model Amanda Bisk/ wearing Hipwidth Bra and Beyond Yoga Tights.

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Ashleigh Perriott
Journo and health nerd, Ashleigh grew up in an active, health conscious family, spending most of her childhood at Little Athletics Events. Passionate about living life to it’s fullest she loves early mornings in the gym and hiking when she can sweet talk a friend into joining her. Ashleigh has a Bachelor of Communications - Journalism from Charles Sturt University and has been published in Handyman Magazine, Women’s Health Magazine and Australian Healthy Food Guide.