Chocolate Day the chocolate yogi

Need we express the many benefits of chocolate? From its mood boosting effects to the high amount of antioxidants and magnesium (which is why you crave the stuff around that time of month), cacao has long been a health food in the diets of many fit savvy individuals. After all, a little indulgence can go a long way.

And considering that July 7th marks World Chocolate Day (a.k.a. our favourite day of the year), we’ve rounded up some delicious picks for you to indulge in. Just as the saying goes: you can’t buy happiness, but you can buy chocolate and that’s pretty close.

9 guilt-free chocolate bars to indulge in

1Loving Earth

Loving Earth Raspberry Chocolate Day Cashews Cacao

Sweet tooth fiends beware, Loving Earth’s range of vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free and fair trade chocolates are addictive! Try the Raspberry Cashew Mylk for something new and (deliciously) out of the ordinary.

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2Green & Black’s Organic

Green and Black’s know just how to do it with their 85% dark chocolate bar. Savoury and satisfactory, it’ll hit the right spot in a matter of squares. Keep your eyes out for their soon to be released spiced chilli chocolate, featuring pink and juniper berries, for a muy client treat.

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3Carob Kitchen

A sneaky alternative has made its way into our list, but shhh…it taste just like the real thing. Carob is a bean or pod, derived from a tree, and much like cacao, the seeds can be ground into a fine powder. We love the little Banjo the Carob Bear, which aside from being seriously cute, is perfect as a pick-me-up treat to pop in your bag wherever you go.

Available in most health food stores, or shop here

4The Chocolate Yogi

It doesn’t get more raw or vegan with The Chocolate Yogi. From the cacao bean to the bar, little is modified to make this wholesome treat. Infused with cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, black peppercorn and cloves, the Dreamy Chai is sure to spice things up.

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With a name like Love Potion #9, who wouldn’t fall in love with the maca and essential rose oil combo? This unique chocolate is one of many from the vegan friendly, organic and raw hand-made brand that calls itself Conscious Chocolate, and for good reason. With an affinity for the unexpected, these chocolates are lightly sweetened with agave nectar and make for a very tasty (not to mention healthy – hello, maca) choco-tastic treat.

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6Pana Chocolate

As one of Team Sporteluxe’s go-to picks, Pana keep it real with raw, no-fuss ingredients and a rich taste. Even after just one square you will feel deliciously satisfied with the outburst of flavour and overall chocolatiness of the brand. Try their Coconut and Goji bar for added texture and a taste of the Amazon (thanks goji berries!)

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7Alter Eco


From the eco fair trade brand, Alter Ego, comes this delectable dark mint option. Alter Eco uses lush organic cream and pasteurised butter, in other words, there’s no where else to go but straight into your mouth. You will thank us later.

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8Well Naturally

This no added sugar option taste just like the real deal, with a velvety smooth texture and a rich satisfying taste. Bonus? Well Naturally bars come in small sizes so you can pop one into your bag for an on-the-go treat.

You can find most Well Naturally bars in your local supermarket.

9Organic Times Chocolate Covered Nuts

If you’re looking for something crunchy look no further. Organic Times has a range of chocolate covered nuts that are sure to satisfy your crunch munchies. Try the Dark Chocolate Macadamias. Creamy and decadent, they use organic Macadamias that are farmed in Australia. Sustainable and ethically made, it’s free of palm oil, GMOs or anything artificial. We’re pretty sure good times are ahead thanks to these treats.

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