A 5-Minute Meditation To Boost Clarity & Creativity

Simple yet so effective.

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News flash. Whether you’re a whizz with numbers, a wicked chef, a successful entrepreneur or a mum-to-be, you’re a creator.

We’re all creative beings.

We may not think of the average accountant as typically ‘creative’ but we all have the capacity to be creative at what we do. No one quite eloquently states this as Einstein in “creativity is intelligence having fun”.

If there’s something big you want to create this year (February is never too late to declare your intentions by the way) then go ahead and declare it. Then, get clear and connect to how it ‘feels’. The connection between how you want to feel and your desires are everything.

Inspired by Danielle La Porte’s work on ‘desires’, here’s a meditation I created just for YOU to help you get clear and create ‘on purpose’.

Try This Meditation To Boost Your Clarity & Creativity

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