Open Life Up! Bianca Cheah’s life philosophy and latest campaign

Bianca Cheah

I’m all about embracing every moment and making positive choices in life. So I was really excited when Deep Spring approached me to be the face of their new brand campaign called ‘Open Life Up’. It’s a dream modelling job, especially as the campaign messaging really resonates with I personally believe in!

Being included in the whole creative process was also real a bonus. It was such an honour to be working alongside a super-talented team of creatives that included photographer Jez Smith from DLM and the creative team from Tongue.

With the product being a natural mineral water with organic fruit juice, the idea behind the creative was to tie all these natural elements (fruit, nature and water) together. The messaging is about seeing the positive side to whatever situations you find yourself in life. Cue dancing in the rain!

So, how did we do it? It was shot over two days in two locations across Sydney. We kept the shoot situations as real as possible, out amongst real nature and with real water spraying all over me! Yes, I was drenched the whole time! But we all had a bunch of fun with puddles of water, sprinklers, stunt drivers, lots of towels and even more laughing. When you have a team who are all as equally passionate about life and being in the moment, then a truly unique and powerful message can created in just one image.

“Just be in the moment and Open Life Up!”

If you take a look around you, this message is something you can really embrace and live by. It’s just about a change of mindset. Think energising, fun, glowing, vibrant, natural and, most importantly, happy!

Anyway, I hope you love the campaign as much as I do. I’m so proud to be a part of it.

See my behind-the-scenes images below.

Bee xx

Bianca CheahMake-up time! The lovely Katerina wetting my hair for the shoot.

Bianca CHeahAnd more wetting…

Bianca Cheah, Deep Spring, IMG Model, IMG TalentWhat do you think? This is the raw (unedited) shot of what the photographer captured through his lens that day. Pretty special moment, right?

Deep Spring post 6Another shot of me enjoying being splashed by a passing car driving through a puddle. Brrrrrr, it was cold!

Bianca Cheah, Deep Spring behind the scenesTrying to perfect the shot by throwing in an elegant jump.

Deep Spring post 8Not sure how many times I got sprayed with the water sprinkler here. I was drenched and it was the middle of winter! Not to worry, it was all fun and giggles!

Bianca Cheah, Deep Spring mineral water, Open Life Up, Deep Spring Campaign images, IMG talent, IMG models

And voila! The two final campaign images. I hope you like these as much as I do. Keep an eye out and you’ll probably see these two images everywhere! From sides of buses, to billboards and in magazines.