A day in the life: how models prep for MBFW

Cassie Lapthorne
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For most of us, MBFW means checking runway looks and forecasting our next season buys. But for models, it means weeks of castings, catwalks and endless caffeine hits. With MBFW well underway and with the help of our very own Nutrition guru- Lola Berry and IMG model Cassie Lapthornewe discover what it takes to prep for fashion week as a runway model!

Cassie Lapthorne, IMG models


Models eat super clean, no processed foods, we’re talking real food, minimal sugars, any sugar within their diet is derived from natural sources such as fruit and complex carbohydrates, like sweet potato” says Lola.

Starting the day with a raw vegetable juice boosts energy with raw living vitamins and minerals- keeping eyes clear and skin glowing!

IMG model Cassie Lapthorne says, On a typical day, I drink warm lemon water or coffee when I first wake up, and eat breakfast once I get hungry around 10:30. I also like to have some fruit or a green juice in the mornings. My go-to snacks throughout the day are cashews or plums, and for dinner I try to fill up on greens and make sure to have a portion of chicken or salmon with my favourite vegetable, sweet potatoes. I don’t follow a specific plan, but really just take into account what I know about nutrition and listen to how my body feels.”


Carbonated beverages are a big no- they tend to produce gas and bloating… Not exactly a bikini belly! Hydration is imperative for models (hence the glowing skin) so they drink plenty of water; green tea is also popular for many models due to the caffeine and antioxidant boost in one!


A fusion of workouts in the weeks leading up to the runway. Many models opt for running, Pilates and yoga to create dynamic muscles and work different parts of the body; yielding better results. Miranda Kerr is a huge fan of Barre. You don’t need any dance experience to work these moves, but you just might find your inner ballerina and your deep abs.

IMG model Cassie Lapthorne says:

Each day is different – I’m always active, whether I’m working or not, because I love being on my feet. I typically try to exercise 2-3 times per week, practicing interval training of walking, running and light weights. I typically go to my gym with my housemate Zoe – it’s great to have friends there to motivate you!  


Lola Berry mentions, “Models always get great sleep (Handy fact: It’s said that every hour after midnight is the equivalent to 2 hours after, so the earlier you get to bed the better).

Sporteluxe Tip:

“If you’re looking to be inspired by models think less about restricting your food intake and more about eating really nutrient dense food that the body will thrive off, that’s the key to being the healthiest version of yourself”- Lola Berry.

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