A dozen ways to ward off winter weight gain (Part 1)

Winter health, winter weight gain

Let’s get real here; honest truth is when it’s cold, the last thing most of us feel like are detox juices, green salads and sunrise runs. (Curse you, comfort food!) But chilly weather doesn’t have to mean you gain a spare tyre either. Here are six awesome ways to stop yourself piling on extra weight this winter. Watch out for another six in PART 2 of this story, posted tomorrow…

Libby’s top tips to avoid winter weight gain

Winter health, winter weight gain

1. Book a mid-winter holiday

You’re more likely to stay motivated when you’ll be slipping into a bikini in five weeks, rather than three months’ time, so book a cheeky mid-winter break – a week in Bali or Fiji, or just a long weekend in toasty far North Queensland should do the trick.

Winter health, winter weight gain

2. Make the couch a food-free zone

Let’s face it, there’s a lot more movie-watching, book-reading, magazine-flicking, man-cuddling and girl-talking going on in your lounge room during winter and usually a lot less time spent getting outdoors and active. The couch is a danger-zone when it comes to mindless snacking, so ban yourself from eating or drinking anything but a steaming mug of tea on the couch (hold the sugar) throughout the winter months and you’ll cancel out a lot of empty calories by default.

Winter health, winter weight gain

3. Think of wine as the winter version of froyo or gelati

Look, lets just agree that wine (especially the red variety) is perfect every now and then as a luxe treat that’s well suited to the season, but definitely not something you want to get into the habit of indulging in every single night.

Winter health, winter weight gain

4. Work out like a human

Don’t get stuck doing one kind of workout all winter long. Humans were made to move in multiple ways and directions, so get up off that toasty hot yoga mat every now and then and experiment with different ways to move your body.

Winter health, winter weight gain

5. Get out into the elements

Your body has two types of fat: white and brown. To put it simply, white fats are the kind you don’t want too many of, used to store excess energy (i.e. the floppy stuff). Brown fat, on the other hand produces heat, which burns the energy stored in white fat. And guess what? New studies show that your body converts more white fat to brown fat during winter than summer. Yep, the cold weather actually stimulates brown fat production. So get outdoors (and into the cold) a few times each week and exercise in the elements to score a leaner bod by the time the layers come off!

Winter health, winter weight gain

6. Ditch the 7am “desserts”

I’m talking about breakfast here. A typical healthy muesli and yoghurt brekky packs around 20 grams of sugar (that’s more than the amount in a whole block of Lindt 85 per cent cocoa dark chocolate, to put it in context). Reach for proteins, veggies and healthy fats for your first meal of the day instead and your body will thank you for it with stable blood sugar levels, less cravings and smoother digestion.


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