A dozen ways to ward off winter weight gain (Part 2)

Winter training, winter weight gain

Did you catch my story yesterday on easy ways to stop yourself piling on unwanted kilos when over the colder months? If not, check them out HERE… then read on below for six more ideas to add to your winter anti-weight arsenal – BOOM!


Libby’s top tips to avoid winter weight gain: PART 2

Winter health, winter weight gain

7. Switch your brew for broth

A warm drink in the morning is a must in winter, but who says it has to be coffee? Bacteria thrives in the kind of acidic environment coffee creates inside your body, so if you’ve been feeling a bit exhausted or run down, switch your morning brew for a warm cup of bone broth for 10 days in a row to experience glowing skin, improved digestion and a helpful immunity boost.

 Winter health, winter weight gain

8.Take the 5 x 5 challenge

When weightlifters talk about doing a “5 x 5 program” they mean choosing three traditional weights exercises, such as squats, chest press and barbell rows, then doing 5 sets of 5 heavy reps of each, with plenty of rest in between to increase strength and muscle size. But I like to use my own version of the 5 x 5. When you find yourself in a mid-winter slump, hit up Google and find five awesome gyms, yoga or pilates studios, group fitness businesses or bootcamps near you. Do five days of awesome workouts, Monday to Friday, at each of them in turn, taking the weekends as recovery time. So you might do five days of yoga, then five days of bootcamp, the next week it’s on to pilates or barre, then functional group fitness, then you might finish it off with five days of boxing. All up, that’s a full month of fitness and you’re constantly learning awesome new things along the way! Five days is just long enough to fully commit to, without losing focus or enthusiasm.

Winter health, winter weight gain

9. Drink your greens

A daily supergreens supplement can make you feel a million bucks! I love NuZest Good Green Stuff, or Passion Projects Complex Greens mixed with coconut water from Raw C (the lowest sugar coconut water I’ve found). Add it to smoothies, juices or just drink it straight. Bottoms up!

Winter health, winter weight gain

10. Nothing fried, nothing gained

Ban the fried, stodgy foods (sorry, but goodbye chips!) that usually sneak on to your plate in winter and your favourite workout shorts will still fit just like they did last summer when the heat returns. Reach for wholesome comfort foods, like veggie-packed stews and soups, poached eggs and warm oats to warm up instead. 

Winter health, winter weight gain

11. Have a back-up plan (one that doesn’t require you to leave your house)

Let’s face it, some winter days are just far too miserable for their own good. For the days when you can’t even face the walk from your apartment door to the car, let alone the rainy dash from your car to the gym entrance, have a back-up plan in place. I love old-school DVDs from Tracy Anderson and Jillian Michaels that I can pop on and workout with in front of the TV, but you can use apps like ZOVA and N+TC, or online workouts sites like The Daily Hit for a more modern version.

Winter health, winter weight gain

12. Snack check

Don’t be fooled – all snacks are not created equal! Snacking on 500 kilojoules of a starchy carbohydrate will have a very different effect on your body than snacking on 500 kilojoules of a good quality protein, which has a thermogenic effect, or a cup of veggies that’s packed with fluids and fibre. So be selective.



REMEMBER: Aussie winters really don’t last long! There are literally only about 12 Sundays to an Australian winter… and they’ll fly by super quickly. Hang in there!

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