A hangover cure (IV drip) you haven’t tried yet

Whether it’s one-too-many vinos with the girls or a night of serious celebration, many of us have overindulged on drinks and struggled with the debilitating effects the day after (throbbing headache we’re talking about you!). But, this may be a thing of the past thanks to The Hangover Clinic. Nestled in the inner Sydney suburb of Surry Hills the clinic offers revolutionary intravenous vitamin therapy, which claims to not only cure hangovers, but also relieve the symptoms of ‘life hangovers’ such as sports dehydration, colds/flus, and jet lag. In as little as thirty minutes, the treatments aim to help you look and feel your best by delivering vitamins and wellness agents.

“Our unique I.V. hydration packages give you a speedy recovery from hangovers, by rapidly restoring your fluid levels with the direct introduction of saline into your system. These packages are tailored with the infusion of vitamins and anti-nausea medications to eliminate your symptoms and accelerate your recovery.” – The Hangover Clinic 

Loved by celebs, professional athletes and health devotees worldwide, IV treatments have taken the world by storm so it was only a matter of time until it landed on Aussie shores.

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However, many medical professionals are divided over the effectiveness of the treatment. Supporters have touted I.V. as the most effective method of administering vitamins, as they’re absorbed directly into the bloodstream and tissues, whereas, critics claim it is simply a marketing ploy and could actually encourage binge drinking. Marketing ploy or miracle cure? We’ll let you decide if it’s worth the hype.

Interested in trying an IV vitamin therapy for yourself?

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Address: 18 Pelican Street, Surry Hills NSW

Website: hangover.clinic