Get A Summer Butt Now!

Now is the time to get your butt into gear as summer is just around the corner. Here personal trainer Dan Adair from 98 Riley Street Gym gives Sporteluxe the best exercise to lift and tone the butt area. Trust me you’ll be ready in no time to slip on that Seafolly bikini (pictured above) that you’ve had your eye on for the past month like I have. So what are you waiting for?

Workout: The Butt Lifter

Fitness expert: Dan Adair from 98 Riley Street Gym. “Can’t beat a heavy back or front squat. BUTT the secret is to lift heavy and squat DEEP to maximise Glute activation to lift and tone the butt” Says Dan Adair.

Form: Stand with your feet shoulder width with a barbell braced across the trapezius muscle in the upper back. The movement is initiated by moving the hips back and bending the knees and hips to lower the torso as if you were to sit. Once glutes at a depth just below the parallel, push up with flat feet, returning to the upright position.

Weight: Heavy enough so you JUST achieve your rep goal.

Reps: 8-12 (depending on your level. The way I can tell my maximum number of squats is when I groan and I squish my nose up. hahaha.

Times per week: Only twice as muscle needs recovery when using weights.

Tip: Always follow a healthy diet of small meals containing lean proteins, plenty of vegetables, quinoa and water.

Photography: by Chris Lew and styling by Tatiana Simplicio.